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Missions Training in North Carolina

This past week Mike, Anthony, and David (team West Coast) attended a major MTW missions training in North Carolina. They attended Living In Grace, which is a mandatory training for all new MTW missionaries. They attended the training with an eye toward hosting it in California in the future.

David attended the training as an outgoing missionary headed to Australia and Mike and Anthony observed and helped out. Mike was given the privilege of preaching the message at the end of the week worship service. Mike was also able to speak to many of the missionaries in a personal way about serving on the field.

We learned so much, and we look forward to putting this missionary training on the West Coast in the future.

Flying Out Of North Carolina?

The MTW West Coast team (Mike, Anthony, David) is in North Carolina this week. We are in the mountains at a resort participating in a missions training with 20 other MTW staff and missionaries. All week we have been keeping an eye on Hurricane Florence, and it has been heading toward the Carolinas.

It is schedule to make landfall Friday morning. We are scheduled to fly out of Charlotte Saturday afternoon. We leave our conference location Friday morning. We have been watching flight cancelations, rain prediction, wind prediction, road closures, and all the other relevant data. As of the writing of this post (Thursday AM) we still aren’t certain if we are going to drive east to Charlotte and try to catch or original flights or drive west to Nashville and book something new.

We have not plans to do anything stupid, but we would love your prayers for wisdom and safety. We’ll keep you informed.

Announcing Witness West Coast Missions Conference For 2019

Our Witness: West Coast Missions Conference is set for 2019. Our second annual West Coast Missions Conference will be held April 26 & 27, 2019 in Roseville, CA at Valley Springs Presbyterian Church.

Take a look at our 75 second teaser trailer about the 2019 conference. Please show this video at your church and share it on social media:

If you are new to our Witness: West Coast Missions Conference, take a look at this four-minute highlight video from our first annual Witness conference from April 2018:

Save The Date: Immigration And Refugee Training In Arizona

Save the date. On Saturday, October 13th we are partnering with Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church to put on a free one-day Immigration and Refugee training in Tucson, AZ.

The training is designed to address the biblical perspective of how Christian disciples and churches should be responding to issues surrounding immigration and refugees.

This is not a political forum, but a biblical forum to help us understand how to glorify Christ when addressing these complicated issues.

These postcards will go out in the next week or two, but if you live in Arizona, plan on showing up and participating in this discussion on what the Bible says about the Christian response to immigration and refugees.

Mike Training In Georgia

This past week Mike and Anthony were in Lawrenceville, GA with the home MTW office. We were gathering together with all the mobilizers and recruiters and other missionary trainers for three days. The group of 40 of us spent a day of team building, a day of prayer and a day training. Mike and Anthony stayed an extra day for computer training and meetings with office staff.

The bulk of this time was used to train us to be better prepared to recruit and train new missionaries. It was wonderful to get to spend time with many of our co-workers who we usually only get to see on video conferences.