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Meet Our Teammate: Mike Troxell

Mike giving bibles in HondurasMike arrived in La Ceiba on December 13th. He and his wife Ashley joined our team for at least the next two years. Mike earned a bachelors and masters of Architectural Engineering. He is from Phoenix, Arizona where served as a Deacon at Covenant Community Church.

Before serving fulltime in Honduras Mike first visited us in June of 2009 when he led a short-term mission trip from his church. He just completed a year studying Spanish at a fulltime language school in Costa Rica.

Mike is gifted in the areas of teaching, giving, mercy, service and intercession. The Lord has been preparing him for years for his work in Honduras. He and his wife will serve as Church Planters in La Ceiba. They will soon prayerfully select a community in La Ceiba and begin daily ministry in that area.

Our team and the people of Honduras are very fortunate to have Mike serving in La Ceiba. He genuinely loves serving others. Mike has a great desire to provide Christ’s mercy and justice to the poor.

Please pray for Mike and Ashley as they battle the emotional roller coaster of starting a new ministry so far away from home.

The Troxells Have Arrived

Mike and Ashlee TroxellMore than two-years after accepting an invitation to join Team Honduras, Mike and Ashlee Troxell have arrived. Our newest teammates are from Scottsdale, Arizona. After a year at language school in Costa Rica the Troxells have joined us for at least two years.

The Troxells arrived earlier this week and have already signed a rental agreement on a house. They have joined us as church planting missionaries. After a time of rest and acclimation the Troxells will begin prayerfully seeking a new community. When the Lord leads them to the perfect neighborhood they will begin daily ministry and relationship building in that area. Our prayer is that after they have been working in that community for a while they establish a new church.

Please welcome the Troxells to Team Honduras and please begin praying for their marriage and the work they will undertake here in La Ceiba.

Madison In New York And The Troxells in La Ceiba

Our 15-year-old daughter Madison is doing well in New York City. She is there for the month of July serving as an MTW cross-cultural intern and helping to train 30 new missionaries as they prepare to leave for the field.

Each morning this past week Madison has been working at a church in Queens. She and the other interns are planning a vacation bible school for a large group of multi-ethnic kids. The VBS begins this Sunday and runs each day this coming week. Madison will work with the younger kids.

Madison and her three missionary kidsIn the afternoons Madison has been mentoring three, 7-9 year old kids who are about to leave for the mission field. Madison has been taking them through a study on cross-cultural experiences and has been sharing with them from her life. The three kids and their families are about to leave to serve in South Africa, Greece and Japan. It is exciting knowing that by serving these kids Madison is impacting future mission work on three continents.

Mike and Ashley TroxellFriday night Mike and Ashley Troxell arrived in La Ceiba. The Troxells are our teammates who are currently studying Spanish in Costa Rica. They are here for ten days to help us with our next short-term mission team. The team, which arrives on Sunday, is from their home church Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale, AZ.