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Honduras Vision Trip Part IV

Today Mike and our three brothers from Grace Community Church concluded our four day trip to La Ceiba, Honduras.
The streets of Armenia BonitoOur original objective was to better understand the needs of the people in La Ceiba and learn how God can use us to fulfill His plan. After our brief trip we clearly gained a better understanding of the needs of La Ceiba. But, by no means do we believe we know it all. We know that it will take many months, even years, of intimate interaction with the people of La Ceiba before we begin to comprehend the most basic of needs.
Baby waiting to be treated at Atlandia hosptialHowever, this trip was clearly a positive step and greatly helps us formulate a better outlook of how we can impact those that call La Ceiba home. Erin and Mike believe that we are called for a lifetime of service in Honduras, so we intend on doing everything we can to continue to prepare ourselves for that journey.
The beauty of La CeibaWhile in La Ceiba we had meetings with five missionaries, viewed four neighborhoods, toured three hospitals, looked at two orphanage projects, entered one local prison and walked through one senior center. Personnel at almost every location were very willing to provide guided tours and answer our many questions. This is the type of research you can only do in person.
In the end it is difficult to envision a better use of our time. This will give us so much information to help us to better prepare our hearts and provide us with a better understanding of the resources we will need. 

Many thanks to our brothers and sisters at Grace Community Church for their substantive role in making this trip happen.

If you want to learn more about this trip go here.

Honduras Vision Trip Part III

Mike and our three brothers from Grace Community Church have just completed our third day in La Ceiba, Honduras. Another great day under our belt.
Yesterday evening we had dinner with David. David is a Honduran that runs a well attended Christian teen program called The Flame. We talked with David about what has and hasn’t worked for him. He also shared with us his vision to start a coffee house ministry, and ultimately a Bible honoring church in La Ceiba.
Loma de Luz in BalfateThis morning we drove out to the village of Balfate. This was 35 minutes on paved road followed by 35 minutes on gravel road. While in Balfate we visited with Ian and Liz – two missionaries working on an orphanage. They are working in conjunction with a missionary-run hospital called Loma de Luz. We were able to learn much and toured the hospital. We discovered much about the people and received an open invitation to bring doctors and nurses.
We then drove back into La Ceiba and visited the Swiss Hospital.  This is a nonprofit hospital that has limited capabilities. We toured the hospital and received another open invitation to bring nurses and doctors to serve.
Hogar de AncianosFinally we drove to Hogar de Ancianos. This is the only senior center in La Ceiba and one of only five in the country. They currently house two dozen seniors who are the poorest of the poor. These people have no way to pay and never receive visitors. We met with the Administrator. We talked to several of the seniors and toured the facility. We discovered that regular visits and Bible studies would be welcomed and well attended.
Tomorrow we fly out and conclude our visit to La Ceiba. Check in tomorrow to view more pictures and read more about what we learned. If you want to learn more about this trip go here.

Honduras Vision Trip Part II

Patients waiting to be seen at Atlantida General HospitalMike and our three brothers from Grace Community Church are just finishing up our second day in La Ceiba, Honduras. What a great and busy day we had.
We started the day by visiting Atlantida General Hospital. This is the public hospital that sees 120,000 patients a year (there are only 150,000 people in La Ceiba). We met with the Administrator, several staff and several doctors. We toured the hospital and learned numerous ways we may be able to help. The hospital is poor, under funded, understaffed and known for its poor quality.
Boys jumping in the ocean on a hot dayNext we traveled out to Arminia Bonito and visited Ninos de las Luz. This is a boys orphanage run by a Christian couple in one of the poorest neighborhoods in La Ceiba. This orphanage was started 10 years ago and is very open to receiving assistance from outside sources like us.
We went into Central Penal. This is the local prison in La Ceiba that holds more then 500 prisoners. We talked with several prisoners about the receptiveness of us coming in to teach ESL or Bible courses. This looks like a promising ministry in the future.
The streets of Delicias in La CeibaWe drove through two nicer neighborhoods; Sause and Naranjal, and two poorer neighborhoods; Armenia Bonito and Delicias. This was a great way to see the living conditions of all the people and explore possible ministry locations.
More exciting things are planned for tomorrow. If you want to learn more about this trip go here.

Honduras Vision Trip Part I

Mike has just completed his first day of a four day trip to La Ceiba, Honduras. Mike and three men from Grace Community Church are in La Ceiba to get a better understanding of our role in God’s plan for Honduras.
Even with a lost passport (subsequently found) and lost airline tickets (subsequently found) we have really seen God work. Providentially God placed us on the same flight, on the same day, one seat away from a missionary to Honduras who was returning from the U.S. This man, a 15 year missionary to Honduras, provided us with so much insight and knowledge. We may have started the groundwork to a beautiful relationship.
We flew into San Pedro Sula and instead of connecting into La Ceiba as planned, we caught a cab ride into La Ceiba. It was a 2 ½ hour drive, but put us into La Ceiba two hours ahead of schedule and allowed us to see a bunch of great countryside.
Our rental car was not as planned so we have rented/borrowed a van from another missions organization.
Tomorrow we plan to meet up with two Hondurans who will show us around and share their knowledge.
Check back tomorrow for more stories and pictures.