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Calling All Missionaries

Are you an MTW missionary who would like to expose churches on the West Coast to your missions work? We would like you to join us for our second annual Witness West Coast Missions Conference on April 26-27, 2019 north of Sacramento, CA.

Last year we had over 260 missions minded participants from dozens of churches from several states. This two-day conference is a great way to draw attention to your missions work.

Itinerating missionaries and on the field missionaries are welcome. Each missionary will receive a free display table, organized opportunities to talk to groups and individuals, be prayed for by name, several free meals, and will participate on stage.

We are also looking for select missionaries to teach breakout sessions about their ministry or about a missions topic. This will be a great way to expose your ministry to a brand new audience. If you are interested please contact Mike.

Mike Preaches Missions In Sierra Madre, CA

On Sunday Mike was given the opportunity to preach a message on missions at Foothills Neighborhood Church in Sierra Madre, CA. Pastor Jason Park and the congregation were very receptive to Mike’s message on missions.

The youthful church was excited about Mike’s message. Mike talked about how Christ commands us to reach the lost and how the Spirit gives us the ability to accomplish what feels like the impossible.

Foothills Neighborhood Church is a younger church with lots of young kids. It was a joy to be able to reach them with a sermon centered on getting out of our comfort zone and sharing the gospel with the lost.

Mike Preaches In Murrieta

On Sunday Mike was given the privilege of preaching at Christ Presbyterian Church in Murrieta, CA. Mike preached a sermon from Titus 3:5.

The sabbath day fell on the first day of advent. Mike focused his message on the beautiful relationship we have with Christ and showed how the beautiful mercy shown by Christ provides us with an eternity by the Father’s side.

Mike tied the message to advent and launched the congregation into a month-long worship of the Lord and showed why only Christ is worthy of true worship through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Cyber Monday Missions E-Book

It is Cyber Monday and that means it is time for an e-missions deal. Mike’s missions book, “The Beautiful Feet of Missions” is now available in Kindle format. It was important to put this book out in e-format for all of our missionary friends who do most, if not all, of their reading via e-books. Also, as a Cyber Monday special, the price of this e-book is more than 50% cheaper than the paperback version.

This is a great missions resource for ley people, future missionaries, current missionaries, or seminary students. This book is a missions primer that is a great resource for missions novices or global warriors.

If you’d like to buy this book and download it for your Kindles click HERE.

Mike Doing Missions Training In Spain

This past week Mike has been in Spain with all the MTW Team Leaders and ministry leaders from the MTW mission teams from Europe. This group of 40+ missionaries gathers together every other year for training and prayer. During the four-day gathering Mike made two presentations to help explain to the MTW missionaries how the new MTW Hubs work and how the West Coast Hub can help them with recruiter new missionaries and connecting them with missions minded churches.

These missionary leaders serve alongside the hundreds of other MTW missionaries throughout Europe. This was a great opportunity to clarify the purpose and work of the new MTW Hubs and how they function.