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West Coast Hub Steering Committee

On Monday Mike met with the members of West Coast Hub Steering Committee via video conference. This once a month meeting is comprised of our staff (Mike and David) as well as pastors and leaders from churches throughout the region. The group provides great assistance to Mike and David. They are a resource of missions minded folks who are volunteering to help guide our ministry.

During this meeting the group talked about refining our mission statement as well as the job description Mike will use to hire our new Assistant Director in January. We have been expanding the Steering Committee to include some geographic, ethnic, and gender diversity. We welcomed two new members at this meeting.

We are so excited these men and women have a heart for missions and a willingness to donate their time to advance what God is doing through the West Coast Hub.

Maddy Is With Us For Christmas

Our 21-year-old daughter is in her final year of studying for a Graphic Design degree at John Brown University in Arkansas. On Saturday Maddy flew to California to spend her three-week Christmas break with us. In her first weekend in our apartment we took her to church and out to see Star Wars.

In the remainder of her time here we have lots of down time, talk time, and going out to have fun time. We haven’t seen Maddy Much in the last 18-months, so it is going to be wonderful to hang out and love on her.

Calling All Missionaries!!!

Please forward this to your friends who are MTW missionaries. We want to make sure all MTW missionaries get invited.

When we host our West Coast Missions Conference on April 27 & 28 in Fullerton, CA we want lots of missionaries to attend. Each missionary will get a table to display their materials and free admission to the conference. We are looking for missionaries to sit on panels, do breakout sessions, and have intimate meetings to share their ministry. A missionary conference isn’t doing all it can to glorify God if missionaries aren’t there to talk about the ministry they are doing in God’s name. We want to promote your ministry at this conference.

We are expecting over 400 people to attend the conference and this would be a great audience for missionaries to share their ministry and gain new prayer and financial supporters.

If you are a missionary and you can commit to attending the conference contact Mike. We’d love to have you there.

Phoenix, Los Angeles, And San Diego

Mike has been traveling extensively throughout the region. In the past week he has had meetings with pastors, and missionary candidates in Phoenix, Los Angels, and San Diego. Lots of miles and lots of meetings. He has put thousands of miles on the road and spent lots of time at coffee shops in meetings.

We moved back to California from Africa knowing much of this new ministry would involve lots of time on the road. It is not a complaint, just a reality. It is a great pleasure to be able to meet with folks and talk about missions.

Please pray for safety on the road for Mike and pray for many more fruitful opportunities to talk about God’s Great Commission throughout the region.


Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Southern California is in the middle of fire season. The dry west-bound winds, coming off the desert (the Santa Anna winds) have dried out vegetation and dropped humidity (in some locations) bellow 10%. This has resulted in six major fires within an hour and a half of our apartment. Thursday, two new fires erupted that are directly impacting us.

Before noon on Thursday, the Lilac Fire (#LilacFire) started 19 miles south of us. As of early Friday morning it has burned 4,500 acres and is zero-percent contained. It has blocked Erin’s commute route to Camp Pendleton and has doubled her normal 75 minute commute time. This fire is moving west and actually headed toward the hospital where she works. We are keeping a close eye on this. Many homes have been lost, 20 school districts are closed, many prize horses have been killed, and the Governor has declared a state of emergency in San Diego county.

Thursday afternoon, the Liberty Fire (#LibertyFire) started five miles east of our apartment and is now within four miles of us. As of early Friday morning it has burned 375 acres and is ten-percent contained. It is moving west, toward our apartment, but has two major freeways to jump before it gets to us.

Friday morning, Erin is going to work with a full tank of gas, lots of water bottles, a medical kit, and our go-bag in her car. Mike will work from home and monitor what is going on. Please keep the home owners, store owners, and animal owners in your prayers. May God be glorified in all.