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Not Just PCA Missionaries

While our West Coast Hub is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), our missions efforts through MTW are not simply limited to PCA churches and congregants. When working with 2-week missionaries and interns Mike is free to work with Christians of most any denomination. When working with longer term missionaries their church affiliation must from a Presbyterian or Reformed church, namely NAPARC churches.

With this in mind, Mike has been communicating with PCA, ARPC, OPC, URC, RCUS, RPC, KAPC, Acts 29, non-denominational churches, etc. If missionaries are Bible believing Christians and they can support the content of Scripture and the Westminster standards, they are worth talking to about the Great Commission.

If someone in your church or your pastor want to talk about missions, let us know.


Sharing Missions In Phoenix

Saturday through Tuesday Mike was in Phoenix, AZ to talk about missions. He had three meetings with pastors of local churches, met with two new missionary candidates to talk about their future in missions, and made a missions presentation at Phoenix United Reformed Church.

The region for the West Coast Hub includes all the Presbyterian and Reformed churches in Arizona, California, and Nevada. This was Mike’s first trip into Arizona as the Director of the West Coast Hub.

One of the meetings Mike had was with Pastor Vermon Pierre. Pastor Pierre heads up the Acts 29 church plant Roosevelt Community Church as well as serving as a Council member of The Gospel Coalition.

This was a great whirlwind trip to the Grand Canyon State. Mike already has two more trips planned through Arizona in early 2018.

Interviewing Missionaries And Dim Sum

On Saturday Mike traveled the almost five hours to Phoenix to have dinner with two missionary candidates. Mike met the two potential missionaries at a local Dim Sum Café and talked for two-hours about missions and their desire to follow God’s call. This couple is very excited to see what God has in plan for them. Please continue to pray he will make their future clear for them and Mike.

This was Mike’s first of several days in Phoenix. Mike will be speaking at a church and he has several more meetings with missionary candidates and local pastors. Please pray for Mike’s meetings and travels.

Training And Planning In Long Beach

Tuesday and Wednesday our Hub Assistant, David, and I met with Peggy in Long Beach for training and planning sessions. Peggy is our primary contact and advocate in the MTW home office. She flew out from Atlanta to help get us up to speed and help us focus on the future.

Peggy trained David and I on several of the software applications used by MTW. We also spent time talking about our process and procedures and planned for the coming year. Peggy helped us think through a couple of major events and ideas.

It is so good to know the MTW home office is so supportive of the work we are doing to raise up and train new missionaries for the field…all the way out here on the West Coast.

West Coast Missions Conference – April, 2018

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE!!! They’re ba-ack. Do you remember the 2015 MTW West Coast Missions Conference in San Diego, CA? Mark your calendar, ’cause we’re doin’ it again. The next MTW West Coast Missions Conference will be April 27 & 28, 2018 in Fullerton, CA at New Life Church.

Save the date and plan on making the trip as a church, as a family, or as a group which wants to learn more about missions. The event will have some amazing speakers, missionaries, break-out sessions, information booths, books, and the chance to learn more about missions. If you are a seasoned missions veteran or prayerfully considering how you can get more involved in missions, this event is for you. Church leaders will learn how to create or expand a missions movement in your church. Future missionaries will  learn how they can answer the call to missions. And, everyone will learn how they can be more involved in supporting missionaries. Costs will be low, and students will receive a very generous discount. Lots of future, current, and past missionaries will be in attendance to help everyone get the true feel of missions.

There is an amazing lineup of speakers:

In addition, we will be hosting this conference every year. You read that right…the West Coast Missions Conference will now be an annual event! We want this to be a way for you and your church to continue to stoke the missions fire burning in your heart.

Registration will open soon and tickets will be limited. Save the dates and look for online registration instructions in the near future. You’ve been waiting three-years for the return of the West Coast Missions Conference and you won’t be disappointed in this event. Please share this information with your friends, at your church, and on social media. You won’t want to miss this.