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Missions All Over Sacramento

On Sunday Mike and Erin divided and talked missions all day, throughout Sacramento.

Mike started the morning at Clarksburg Community Church. He taught missions in the adult Sunday school class. During service Mike was given the opportunity to give a missions update about the West Coast Hub. He then preached the morning sermon on missions.

At the same time Erin was across town talking missions a the First United Methodist Church of Roseville. Erin was asked to come in and share stories from her missions book, Termites Ate My Couch, and to talk about our ministry transition from Africa to the West Coast Hub.

In the evening Mike and Erin both returned to Clarksburg. Erin was the guest speaker at the church’s annual dinner. Erin was the keynote speaker and challenged the group with a message on finding joy in adversity.

It was a busy and tiring day, but it is always a pleasure to be able to glorify the Lord and talk to hundreds of people about missions.

A Big Missions Announcement Coming Next Week

Next week we have a big announcement for missions and the West Coast Hub office. If you live in CA, AZ, or NV and you care about missions. Heck, this is going to be so cool, it doesn’t matter where you live. If you dig missions you are going to want to hear this.

Oh, but we can’t tell you just yet. You are going to want to come back for a visit at the end of next week and you are going to want to hear about this new cool missions thing. Yeah, but we can’t tell you just yet.

Seriously, you are going to want to hear this massively huge gargantuan very big important top secret announcement about missions. And you are going to love it, but yeah, we can’t tell you just yet.

So, come back and hear about the big missions announcement next week. We can’t wait to tell you.

New Administrative Assistant For West Coast Hub

We are thrilled to announce the addition of David Choi as the new Administrative Assistant for the MTW, West Coast Hub. David lives in Southern California and has been active in his local PCA church.

David holds a master’s degree and is currently in the process of being trained and raising support to be a fulltime missionary with MTW in Australia.

David is a great guy and will be a wonderful asset to our efforts in getting more well-trained missionaries out into the world. Mike is thrilled to have such a capable person working by his side. Please pray for David as he continues to learn the ropes and begins to interact with churches, seminaries, and future missionaries.

Missions At New Life Fullerton

On Sunday Mike and Erin talked missions at New Life Fullerton in Orange County, CA. The congregation has been very active in missions of the years and we were able to add to that.

Mike preached the morning message. Mike provided a look at how Jesus gives God’s elect the freedom to obey God’s Great Commission.

After a great church-wide lunch Mike and Erin spoke at Sunday school. Erin talked about our past ministry work and explained how the West Coast Hub will strive to put more missionaries on the field. Mike then taught a lesson on God’s sovereignty in our lives. We then fielded questions from the group.

New Life Fullerton is a vibrant church and has been very focused on missions. It was a pleasure to be able to add more emphasis to help them better glorify God.

Preaching At Aliso Creek Church

On Sunday Mike preached at Aliso Creek Church in Aliso Viejo, CA. Mike talked about our work mentoring new missionaries. He then preached on missions and administered the benediction at the end of service.

After church Mike taught Sunday school to the adults and youth. Mike taught on the sovereignty of God and the book of Jonah. Mike also shared about missions and our new effort to recruit and mentor new missionaries.

The congregants at Aliso Creek were all very receptive and very excited about God’s glory expanding through missions.