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Meet Our Teammate: John Clow

John at workJohn and his family arrived in La Ceiba in May of 2010. He and his wife Kathy joined our team for four years, but they are here for the long haul. John earned a degree in Welding Engineering from LeTourneau University and he grew up in Clute, Texas.

Before serving fulltime in Honduras John and his family had served as fulltime missionaries in Reynosa, Mexico since 2002. In Mexico they worked alongside the Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries where John hosted short-term mission teams and coordinated construction efforts.

John is gifted in the areas of giving, mercy, service and compassion. The Lord has been preparing John for years for his work in Honduras. He serves as our construction and building coordinator in La Ceiba. John is instrumental in working with the many short-term teams we host and directing our Honduran construction workers.

Our team and the people of Honduras are very fortunate to have John serving in La Ceiba. He genuinely loves serving others. John has a great knowledge and understanding of construction, building and design. He uses these gifts to provide Christ’s mercy and justice to the poor.

Please pray for John and his family as they approach their two-year anniversary of serving by our sides in Honduras.

First Time Ever All Together

Team HondurasHere it is. The NEW Team Honduras. We’ve all previously met each other and have talked for years. But, five minutes before this picture was taken was the first time ever that this version of Team Honduras was ever together in one place. But, not for long.

Shannon, the Clows and the Pettengills are all here in La Ceiba and will continue to be. Kate heads back to Alabama to finish packing and will return to Honduras to begin her service in November. The Troxells return to Costa Rica to finish studying Spanish and will return to Honduras in December.

Everyone got together for our first ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat. On Saturday evening we had a team dinner together and on Sunday morning we worshiped together.

Meet Our Teammate: Kathy Clow

Kathy ClowFor five-years before joining us in Honduras Kathy and her family served with MTW in Reynosa, Mexico. She joined our team in the Spring of 2010 and she and her husband John are here for good.

Kathy, who is a mom of four, grew up in Georgia and graduated college with a degree in special education

Kathy is our team’s primary hospitality coordinator. She also runs our team’s scholarship program, which requires her to manage the four kids that we are supporting through high school. She is a great discipler of women and girls in formal and informal settings. Kathy is also very active in our team’s numerous other ministries.

Kathy has an amazing rapport with the Honduran kids and adults alike. Her confidence and compassionate heart cause people to be drawn to her. She possesses an attentive ear, a quick smile and a firm hug. Kathy is drawn to the less fortunate and those in greatest need.

Our team and our family are so fortunate to have Kathy on our side. Her honest love for us all is evident and appreciated. She is a great friend and mother to our entire team. She is genuinely loved and appreciated by each us.

Please pray for Kathy as she juggles the often conflicting roles of missionary, mother to four and wife.

The Clows Are Here!

John and Kathy Clow, and their four kids, have arrived here in La The Clow FamilyCeiba, Honduras. The Clows have joined our team and will serve as missionaries with us for many years to come. The Clows have been missionaries with MTW since 2002. They first served in Mexico for three years. God has now called them to join our team.

Starting Wednesday morning we will begin looking at houses for them to move into. Until they find their own place they will be living in our home.

We are so pleased to finally welcome them to Honduras. Please pray that John, Kathy, Abigail, Rebekah, Josiah and Evan are able to transition well and that feel at home on our team.

Looking Into 2010

2009 was a very exciting year for our ministry here in La Ceiba, Honduras. 2010 looks to be very promising in its own way.

Team: Including us there are currently four adults on our team. Another family, the Clows, will join us within a couple months. We have four others going through the support raising and language process this year.  The four others will not join us until 2011.

Property: We eagerly await the final government approval for two properties we purchased in 2009. Both properties will serve as ministry centers for our work. We anticipate performing lots of construction on both parcels.

Scholarships: We are launching a scholarship program to get three poor children from Armenia Bonito into high school. This is a rare blessing that only 1/3 of Honduran children can afford.

Short-term Mission Teams: In 2009 we hosted six mission teams. In 2010 we are scheduled to receive 11 mission teams from churches all over the U.S. This is a huge blessing for our ministry and us.

Furlough: Our mission agency, MTW, requires us to take a brief furlough following our two-year anniversary. In September we will return to California for several months. We will then spend several months in Arizona. Our furlough will conclude with a brief stint in Georgia. This mandatory time outside of Honduras is designed to help us rest, reconnect with our culture and share God’s work with our supporters. We will return to Honduras when our furlough is over. In all, we will spend seven months in the U.S. We will leave September, 2010 and return April, 2011.

Family: Maddy will conclude her 8th grade year at her current school. Because of our furlough we will home school Madison for her 9th grade year starting in September.