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Washing Heads And Constructing A Path

Calvary Presbyterian Church has concluded their work in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is scheduled to hike the rainforest on Friday and fly out on Saturday.

Wednesday the team started the day by going to La Fe and learning the finer art of washing clothes in the river. The local ladies taught their skills with a bar of soap, a river rock and a dirty pair of pants. Several from Calvary also took some time to wash the hair of some of the kids in the river.

Wednesday afternoon the team went back to the dorms to have lunch with a few homeless kids who are associated with our StreetChild program. After lunch the team did some work around the dorms.

Thursday the team went back to La Fe to continue construction on a concrete walking path up a dirt levee. In the afternoon some of the Calvary team helped to teach an English class to 20 kids from the community.

Calvary is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer. We will not host any short-term teams next week, but the following week we host two teams.

Schizophrenic Weather And Servants’ Hearts

Trinity Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro, TN has had two full days of work and two completely different days of weather. Trinity is the 4th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer.

On Monday this 16-person team encountered heavy cloud cover and a light rain. This kept the construction time in the morning nice and cool. The team divided into two groups. The first group continued work on a house for a poor family. The second group started work on an open-air gazebo for the high school on our ministry property.

In the afternoon the team helped teach and administer oral exams for our English class. They provided pronunciation help for the 35 students.

On Tuesday the clouds broke and the heat set in. In the morning the divided teams continued their respective work on the house and the gazebo.

In the afternoon the team from Trinity helped put on a Kids Club for 70 kids. They helped with memory verses, catechism questions and a Bible skit. The missionaries also helped with the craft and played games with the kids.

If you want to keep track of Trinity’s work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.

Faith Draws Crowds

This week we are hosting an 11-person mission team from Faith Presbyterian Church of LaVale, MD. There must be something about Faith, because they are drawing crowds of Hondurans wherever they go.

On Monday and Tuesday their Spanish speakers and medical personnel hosted two medical clinics in Armenia Bonito. In those two days they treated over 120 patients and turned away 50 people.

Monday afternoon the team helped teach an English class to 40 students. The students learned fruit, greetings and vocabulary from the Bible passage about the good Sheppard. The team from Faith helped the students with proper pronunciation and then they helped administer the end of class oral exams. The students individually read the good Sheppard passage to our short-term missionaries.

Tuesday afternoon was crazy. The team from Faith helped us host our largest Kids Club ever. Over 90 kids attended our weekly event. They played games, saw a skit performed by the Faith team, memorized a Bible verse and completed a craft. Not sure what we would have done had they not been there.

Both mornings the team helped us build a new house for a super-poor family in Armenia Bonito. They have been pouring the foundation and laying the first few rows of blocks.

If you want to keep track of Faith’s great work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.

Pencils, Printers And Pouring Down Rain

On Monday Mike taught an English class in Armenia Bonito to 40 eager students. The class started with Noah-like rain. For about 20 minutes the rain fell so hard on the tin roof of our ministry center that nobody could hear a word. It is not often you experience a rain delay in ESL, but we’ve learned to be surprised by nothing in Honduras.

Marcos has been helping teach quite a bit lately, but Beatris also showed up and asked if she could help teach as well. This is the first time Mike has ever had two assistant teachers, and the two best English speakers in Armenia at that.

The class started with common greetings. Beatris then taught basic vocabulary with flash cards and then Marcos taught pronunciation with the alphabet. The adult students have been asking to learn more job related terms. So, Mike finished by teaching computer vocabulary. At the end class the students lined up for their individual oral exams.

The class started out with little promise, but it ended up very productive.

Assistant English Teacher

Marcos teaching the alphabetFor years we have been frustrated by Marcos Antonio. He is a very smart 17-year-old Honduran who lives in the super-poor community of Armenia Bonito. Not only is he smart, but also he is one of the best English speakers in the community. But, like many language learners he is embarrassed by his bad pronunciation, so he seldom practices. In spite of much harassment he has seldom attended our English classes, not because they are too easy, but because he doesn’t like to be wrong.

It appears a solution has been found. In recent months Marcos has been helping Mike teach our weekly English class in Armenia Bonito. And, just the other day he asked if he could help each week and be an official teacher. This accomplishes so many benefits. Marcos is now attending every class and hearing and practicing proper English pronunciation and he is helping others in his community. We simply love when Hondurans Marcos giving a testhelp Hondurans.

Our ultimate goal is not for gringos to bring all that is good to Hondurans. Our goal is to provide the skills needed to Hondurans so they can help themselves and their neighbors. Marcos, in his new role as Assistant English Teacher, is gaining valuable skills of English and teaching.