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Kids And Clinics And Classes…Oh My

With the pace we are leading these past few days one might think we are trying to do harm to our visiting short-term missionaries from Manor Presbyterian Church of Cochranville, PA. This is simply not true. We just want them to have plenty of chances to serve the people of Honduras.

clinic in La FeMonday began with a medical clinic in the community of La Fe. Erin, the Troxells and the guys from Manor hosted a clinic in a dilapidated home and treated 48 people. This was our second clinic in the community of La Fe and the people were very appreciative.

In the afternoon the guys from Manor joined Mike in Armenia Bonito for English class.

In our weekly ESL class our 25 students reviewed greetings and the alphabet. ESLThe guys from Manor had given us some Spanish/English flashcards. Those came in handy as we reviewed colors, clothes and body parts. At the end of class each of the kids took their oral exam by going over vocabulary and reading a line from the book of John.

Tuesday saw a little rain, but nothing that would slow us down.

In the morning the guys from Manor packin it inworked alongside our Honduran employees at our ministry center in La Isla. They worked on the floors of our soon to be church, kitchen and StreetChild center. Lots of dirt was shoveled, moved and packed to create a solid foundation for the floor.

In the afternoon Erin, Mike and the guys went out to Armenia Bonito for Kids Club.

Over 40 kids attended Kids Club. They played games, did a craft and watched a bible skit. The kids continued in their verse memorization and answered No other God but mecatechism questions. The guys from Manor helped quiz the kids. This was a special day. The kids who had attended 6 of 8 Kids Club classes and had memorized the verses and questions (19 kids in all) received recognition, a certificate, a gift and a plate of food.

It has been a busy few days. We are fortunate to have the guys from Manor helping us.

English Class And The Gospel

The class practicing daysOn Monday Mike taught the sixth English class in a ten-class series. The students are enjoying the formality of the new format. They are learning English, but the topics and the building of relationships is allowing for the sharing the gospel.

The students learned pronunciation and sounds. This is the hardest point of each class. The students are often embarrassed, but Mike makes them feel at ease.

The new topics for the day were the memorization and pronunciation of the days of the week and months of the year. Mike also had the students work on reading a short passage from the English bible.

beeeeeAt the end of class each student took an individual oral exam on letter pronunciation, days, months and reading the bible passage.

The bible topic and the relationships that are being forged caused two girls to stay after class with questions. These two teens, who walk in from a neighboring community to take the class each week, had some questions about definitions from the bible passage. This turned into a theological discussion and then a full blown sharing of the gospel. The girls received the English help they were looking for as well as the gospel they needed.

Busy Start With The Guys From Trinity

communion at Gringo ChurchDr. Greg and Pastor Mike are serving by our side this week. These two are from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA.

On Sunday, their first full day in La Ceiba, they were busy. We gave them a tour of the city. They joined us for Gringo Church and Pastor Mike administered communion to our team. For some of us this was our first communion since August. After lunch we went to a Honduran church, which was all in Spanish. In the afternoon we all attended a Super Bowl party at our home.

Pastor Mike and concreteMonday was a busy day. Pastor Mike spent the first half of the day doing a little construction with our Honduran workers at our ministry center in Armenia Bonito. They started pouring the concrete floor in our medical clinic. Pastor Mike helped mix and carry buckets of concrete into the clinic.

Monday afternoon Pastor Mike helped our Mike teach English class to 20 students. The students worked on sounds and pronunciation and read a bible passage. At the end of class both Mikes tested the kids on vocabulary words and helped each kid read a portion of scripture.

Dr. Greg and his magic boxDr. Greg helped our team put on a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. Erin and Dr. Greg treated 50 patients. Dr. Greg and his portable ultrasound were a big hit. He checked pregnant moms, did breast exams and even identified a cancerous mass in one women.

What a great blessing these men are to us and the people of Honduras. The best way to keep up with the ministry work of Greg and Mike is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

New Formal English Class

Mike the teacherThis week Mike began teaching a new “more formal” English class in the community of Armenia Bonito. This class will be run a little stricter than past classes we’ve taught. This weekly class will run for 10-weeks straight. We are requiring regular attendance and administering weekly exams.

The students have been informed that after the 10-week course is completed, those students who attend at least eight of the 10 classes will receive a “Certificate of English” and will be rewarded with a formal dinner at our home.

the English studentsThe first class was attended by 22 students. Mike taught on the topics of sounds, the alphabet, pronunciation and fruit. The students were instructed to focus strongly on lip and tongue placement to help with proper pronunciation. At the end of class each student was given an individual oral exam on the memorization of 10 English words for fruits and their proper pronunciation.

English classes provide several valuable things; 1) help us build relationships, 2) provide an important skill for employment and 3) provide opportunities to share the gospel as we use the bible as a reading primer.

Unassisted Triple Play

Mike and Madison are the only members of our mission team in Honduras. The rest of our team, including Erin, is out of the country tending to business. For this week Mike was called upon to keep our ministry going on his own. Of course, this is nothing any of our teammates wouldn’t also do.

Mike teaching EnglishOn Monday Mike taught ESL in Armenia Bonito. The 22 students were given puzzles and coloring books. As they worked on their materials Mike walked around to each individual and quizzed them on the English names for the colors, body parts and animals in front of them. At the end of class the students were gathered together and Mike read a few bible stories from Spanish picture books. On each page Mike stopped to quiz the group about the English name for something on that page.

Mike teaching Kid's ClubTuesday afternoon Mike taught our weekly Kids Club. The 25 kids played games and sang bible songs. They were read the story of creation from Genesis and Mike acted out a gospel presentation. The kids continued their weekly catechism lesson. They memorized two verses and then lined up to receive individual testing on their weekly verse memorization and catechism questions.

Mike at Medical ClinicAll day Thursday Mike hosted a stripped down version of our weekly medical clinic. He provided multivitamins and checked height, weight, blood pressure and blood sugar. Where needed the patients also received pills to kill parasitic worms or Advil for pain. All 25 of the patients received individual prayer and evangelism.

Our entire team returns to Honduras on Monday.