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Church Presentation At Home

Our time in California has been filled with many church presentations and sharing our work over numerous meals. Nearly every day is filled with one or more gatherings. It is a joy to share what God is doing in doing, but it can make a body weary.

Mike, Erin and MadisonOn Sunday we were asked to give a mission presentation at the 8:00am and 11:00am services at our home church. At Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church both Erin and Mike addressed the congregation. We played this video and explained to the congregation how they have been such an integral part of the work in Honduras.

So many churches and individuals play major parts in our ministry. It is such a delight to share each and every time. But, there is just something extra special about sharing with the very people who sent you into the field. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sharing About Honduras In Clarksburg

On Sunday morning our family went to Clarksburg Community Church (CCC) in Clarksburg, CA. This church has been a supporter of our work in Honduras from the beginning.

In the early morning we addressed the kids for their Sunday school class. We talked with them about the children from Armenia Bonito and how they can pray for them.

During the adult Sunday school class Mike and Erin shared about the rapid growth of our ministry and what the future looks like. The class asked lots of questions and showed a desire to continue to be involved in the ministry.

At the 11:00am service Mike preached the morning message. The message was from 1 Peter 2:11-12 and was entitled Strangers In A Strange Land. Mike challenged the congregation to view themselves as foreigners and cross-cultural missionaries in this world. After service our family had lunch with the pastor and his family.

This congregation has been a joy for us from the beginning.

Old Things New Again

Our family left the U.S. in August of 2007 and is now back for a brief furlough. It is common knowledge that missionaries, by design, are social misfits, based simply on the fact that they have been “out of it” for so long. We have seen this in other long-term missionaries, but surely it couldn’t happen to us. First off, we are cool. And, second, we have only been gone for three years.

Sure enough, as it turns out, we are out of it…clueless…out of touch….dare I say…dorks. The U.S. culture has sprinted forward and left us back in time. We are stuck way back in 2007. That can’t mean much, right?

Let’s see:

  • When we left in 2007 the iPhone 1 had just been released and the Android was still a year away.
  • When we left in August of 2007 Facebook had 50 million users. It now has 500 million.
  • Last time we were living the U.S. Netflix didn’t have on demand movies that stream directly to your TV.
  • The Kindle was released after we left.
  • When we left the Dow Jones was at 14,000 and the U.S. unemployment was at 5%.
  • In 2007 only two 3D movies were released. In 2010 24, 3D movies will be released.
  • When we left Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber had not released any music.

Yep…we are nerds.

Communication And East Lanier

This has been a very busy few days.  We continue to be in Georgia at a missionary training event.  We are gathering all kinds of amazing information during our 8-10 hours of class each day.

In addition Mike and Erin were able to teach a one-hour communications class at their own training.  We shared with this class of 30+ future missionaries the modes and importance of proper communication.

We had lunch with a couple that is looking to serve on the mission field.  This husband and wife team consists of a Pasotor and a PA.  What a great blessing they will be to the Great Commission.  They learned about our ministry and we learned about they gifts.  Please pray for all of us as we try to determine God’s plan for their future.

Wednesday night we shared a meal with 20+ folks from East Lanier Community Church.  They are an incredible group.  They came down for a short-term trip this past summer and served by our side.  We shared some great food, tea, lots of laughs and stories of God’s work.  This was a great blessing to our hearts’.  We love these folks.

Friends Of Faith And Training In Georgia

Erin with friendsThis weekend we had a great time sharing God’s work in Honduras with our friends of Faith Church in South Carolina.  These folks have been a major part of our ministry from the early days.  We made a total of three presentations in homes and at the church.  The highlight was an after church lunch where we presented our work to over a hundred people.

Mike talking about Honduras

On Monday we began a week of training in the MTW office in Atlanta.  Mike gave a short presentation on support raising.  On Tuesday Mike will give a longer presentation on communication.  This is a great week to learn and get together with some of the folks in the home office that make our lives easier.