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Noah, Kids And Crafts

kids having funOn Tuesday our team hosted our fifth weekly Club de Niños (Kid’s Club) in the one room town hall in the center of Armenia Bonito.  We had 35 kids attend this week.

The kids played some games outside.  After the games they sang a new Bible song.  Next our team taught them the story of Noah and the Ark.  They then memorized Hebrews 10:23 – “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”  Finally, the kids concluded with a craft where they turned paper plates into an Ark of their own.

This has become a wonderful program for these kids.  Most of them do not attend church.  School starts this week for all the kids.  Pray this does not lower the attendance for next week’s Club de Niños.

Church In Armenia Bonito And Kid’s Club

church in Armenia BonitoOn Sunday evening most of our team went to Armenia Bonito and attended one of the churches there.  During the service two of our teammates played guitar and sang three songs (two in Spanish and one in English).  Mike stood up and introduced some of our new teammates to the congregation.  Next, Mike delivered a brief study from Jonah and how it applies to us today.

"stars" at Kid's ClubMonday afternoon we held our weekly Kid’s Club meeting in Armenia Bonito.  Over 40 kids attended.  We introduced the kids to a new game and a new song.  They heard the story of the multiplication of bread and fish and worked on memorizing John 6:35.  It was amazing to see over 20 kids able to receipt the entire verse from memory after just a few minutes of practice.  At the end all the kids colored a basket a glued paper fish and bread to it.

Kid’s Club, English Classes And Team Training

team trainingMonday and Tuesday our team has been in a training session on Team Life.  Rich Wolfe from MTW flew in to teach our team how to recognize, address and resolve conflict in a Biblical way.  The training uses Paul’s letter to the Philippians to address principles of living as a Christian community.

However, even with this important training we continued our work in Armenia Bonito.

kids at Kid's ClubOn Monday we held our weekly kid’s Bible program (Club de Niños).  We had 75 kids this week.  The kids learned some new games and sang some new songs.  The kids heard the story of Adam and Eve in the form of a puppet show.  Then each kid made their own puppet to take home with them.

ESL class in Armenia BonitoOn Wednesday our team taught two English class in Armenia Bonio.  The first class was taught to over 20 orphan boys who live at Niños de la Luz.  The second class was taught in one of the local churches.  Over 50 people attended this class.  This class is now divided into three ability levels.  We are very excited about the impact this class is having in the community.

First Kid’s Club And New English Classes

This has been a great couple of days for our team in Armenia Bonitio.

Our first Kid's ClubOn Monday our team held our first Club de Niños (Kid’s Club).  This will be an ongoing weekly kid’s Bible program in Armenia Bonito.  The program is a two hour event complete with games, crafts, songs and a Bible study.

After games the kids learned a new song.  Then the kids received a Bible study and worked on a craft.  Where better to start then the beginning?  The kids learned the Creation story from Genesis 1.  Over 75 kids attended this inaugural Kid’s Club.  The kids ranged in age from 3 to 13 years old.

Andy teaching kids English at Ninos de la LuzTuesday was a day of teaching English classes.  Our team continued teaching our twice weekly English classes at a local orphanage.  Over 20 boys attended.  We are so excited to be working with these underprivileged kids.

In the early evening we started another eight week long English class in Armenia Bonito.  This class starts at 5pm and is intended to attract working adults.  Fifty people attended this first class.  Thirty of the students were adults and most of them were attending one of our English classes for the first time.  We will start another weekly class on Saturday mornings at 9am to try and reach an even larger group of adults.