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Machete, Mortar And Many Colored Coat

The excessive heat didn’t slow down our short-term mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ. But, in even better news, nobody got hurt on Tuesday. The group from Rincon started the day with a little caution, a better appreciation for spiritual warfare and hearts of servants.

construction at the work siteThe morning began with construction on two work sites. At our ministry center some of the crew worked on a wall to divide the property. The other group started building the walls on a new house for the Sandoval family. This family consists of a single mom with three kids.

two work stationsThroughout the day the team hosted a medical clinic that treated 30 people. They saw lots of interesting cases and demonstrated loads of mercy. Towards the end of the day an eight-year-old boy was carried in who had just sliced his big toe with a machete. The visiting missionaries cleaned the toe, stitched it and likely saved it. A thankful dad carried his smiling boy home.

Story of JosephIn the afternoon the group put on a great Kid’s Club. They told the story of Joseph to a group of 30 captivated kids. After the story the kids were treated to three age appropriate crafts that shared the gospel through various colors.

In the evening the team was introduced to Honduran baleadas at a local restaurant.

A great day indeed.

Everyone Is Flying Home On Saturday

Friday is the last full day in Honduras for the short term mission team from Village Seven Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, CO. On Saturday the team from Village Seven flies home. Saturday is also the day our 15-year-old daughter concludes her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City and flies home to Honduras.

Prepairing the roof for weldingOn Wednesday, with the help of the 20-person team from Village Seven, we did construction work on our ministry center in Armenia Bonito and continued work on a new home for the Sandoval family. In the afternoon we took 30 Honduran kids to the river for an afternoon of fun.

On Thursday the team again did construction work in the morning. They hosted their third medical clinic and second Kids Club of the week. Village Seven has done a wonderful week of work and ministry.

Madison and her kidsFriday is Madison’s final full day in New York City. Her internship and responsibilities have come to an end. She has thoroughly enjoyed herself and we hear nothing but good reports about her hard work and positive attitude. She has done a wonderful job about counseling and preparing new missionary kids for their service around the globe.

Vandalism, Vomiting And Vowels

It has been a busy and stressful past couple of days. Our family is still recovering emotionally from the burglary and vandalism of our home that took place on Monday. We have shed tears, cleaned up our home, attempted to count our losses and our blessings and thanked God for His mercy. It has been difficult, but we still have a responsibility to our ministry, our team and the short-term missionaries that came all the way from Colorado to serve this week.

Village Seven Presbyterian Church, the team from Colorado Springs, CO is a bundle of energy.

starting work on a new houseOn Monday they began construction on a new house for a single mom with three kids. The mom works all day and her kids (two of them mute) live with grandma. The team also helped pour cement headers for the walls of our medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. In the afternoon they worked one-on-one with our English students to help them with proper pronunciation.

saving Axel's toeTuesday found the team continuing with construction and hosting their second medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. They have treated over 60 patients including a few hard ones. Our friend Axel nearly cut his toe off chopping wood with and axe. Our visiting doctor cleaned the toe, stitched it up and likely saved it.

the kids and the vomitting machineOn Tuesday afternoon the team hosted their first of two Kids Clubs. They played games, sang songs and put on a great skit about Jonah and the big fish. They then helped the kids create their own vomiting fish by attaching party favors to a paper fish and instructing the kids to blow a paper Jonah from the fishes mouth…cool.

Please continue to pray with our family as we repair our home, sort through our emotions, discover new things that have been stolen and trust in our Father’s perfect will.

Kids Club, Kinder And Kate

The short-term mission team from Grace Community Church of Mobile, AL is doing a great job.

On Tuesday the team did construction work on a home renovation in the morning. In the afternoon they hosted a Kids Club for 15 kids and sang songs, played games, did crafts and told the story of Jesus and the paralytic.

The medical crew went into the Kinder (K & 1st grades) school in the morning and did health and wellness checkups on 37 kids. They checked and charted vitals and distributed worming medication and vitamins. In the afternoon they hosted a medical clinic and treated 35 patients.

On Wednesday the team did construction work on our downtown ministry center in the morning. In the afternoon they took 30 kids to the river to play.

Kate and MaddyOur daughter Madison only has nine days left on her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City. She has been able to spend some time with our future teammate Kate DeFuniak. Kate is one of the 30 future missionaries attending the training and will soon join our fulltime mission team here in Honduras. We hear good reports about Madison from our many spies keeping eyes on her.

VBS, CovCom And Discipleship

VBSOn Wednesday Madison begins her third day of teaching VBS at a church in Queens. Her class in the VBS consists of 14 kids ages 4 to 6. Madison’s month long cross-cultural internship is going well and she loves it. She is having a great time with the freedom and responsibility of living on her own and serving others six days a week.

Kid's Club with CovComThe 14-person mission team from Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale, AZ is doing wonderful work. Both Monday and Tuesday the CovCom team helped put on medical clinics that have allowed us to treat nearly 100 patients. They taught an English class and organized a very successful Kids Club. The team has also been working very hard on construction at our ministry center and renovating a home for a needy family.

Mike and the boysTuesday Mike continued our weekly discipleship with George and Carlos. These two boys are receiving high school scholarships from our ministry. Part of their requirement is that they sit down with us for weekly discipleship classes. Mike and the boys talked, prayed and studied about the bible and discussed its value and what it is used for.

Mike’s health is better. On Tuesday he put in a 12-hour day with no problems.