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Our Teammates The McCanns Are Here

Lindsey and Lucy McCannToday we picked up Sean, Lindsey and Lucy McCann from the airport.  The McCanns, our teammates in Honduras, are here in San Jose, Costa Rica to study Spanish.
They and their 11 bags arrived without incident. We were able to get them into their new home and run a few errands with them. We took them to the closest bank for money and the store for a few extra supplies. Erin then took some food over to their house and we all ate tacos together.
We are so excited to have them here…Sean McCannand, it is not only because they carried a suitcase full of goods from the States for us…but, it helps.  It seems like a new chapter in our missions work has begun.  We are now working, learning and serving as a team.

They start Spanish classes on Monday.  So on top of having a baby, leaving their family and learning a new culture they get the stress of language school.  Please pray for peace and comfort for little Lucy and patients and wisdom for Sean and Lindsey.

Setting Up For The McCanns

Constructing the crib in Lucy's roomOur Honduras teammates, the McCanns, arrive here in San Jose, Costa Rica this coming Tuesday.  They will be studying Spanish here for a while.
Erin and Mike went over to the McCann’s new apartment this morning and did a little work to get it ready for their arrival.  We set up some minor things – toilet paper, crib, a little food, light bulbs, etc. (shhh…it’s a surprise). The place was recently renovated and is looking great. Their new apartment is only about 50 meters from us.
Our apartments are just around the corner from each otherThe Pettengills don’t leave Costa Rica for Honduras until late June.  This will give our two families 4 ½ months to live, work and study together.  The ability to get to know each other before we hit the stress of missions work in Honduras is a great luxury that most missionaries don’t enjoy.

Please pray for the McCanns as they are packing, saying goodbye, traveling and setting up a new home, all in the next four days.

Random Thoughts From A Missionary’s Head – Part 2 of 4

I want to conclude the year with a few arbitrary streams of thought. I have chosen these four issues not because they were great. Quite the opposite. In the grand scheme of things they are four minor events that for some reason made a major impact on me in 2007. Here is #2…
Sean, Lindsey and Lucy McCann are our teammates on Team Honduras.  They are a great family from North Carolina who will be joining us in San Jose, Costa Rica on February 12th.
McCanns in New York CityWe have had a phone relationship with them for over a year, but, back in July we were able to spend a month with them in New York City during one of our missions trainings.  We were just a nervous to meet them as they were to meet us.  And, as God would have it, they are great people and we appear to be very compatible.  Don’t get me wrong…we are different: South v. California, boisterous and obnoxious v. reserved, tattoos and bald head v. clean cut. But, that is really what I’m writing about.
Sean, Lindsey and Lucy McCannIt appears to me that as we get to know the McCanns we have discovered that we are all very different, but, exactly the same.  This is the beauty of what the Lord does. He has taken two totally different families with different backgrounds and cultures and placed the exact same heart in them. We already trust each other, lean on each other, confide in each other and love each other.
Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that we were made to be instant best friends…only time will tell that.  What I am saying is that God has already shown us that He loves us so much that He will make the people who are destined to be the closest to us very compatible.  Compatible with the same open and willing heart to serve Him, trust Him and love Him.  I am sure that we will fight with, disagree with, and upset the McCanns.  But, the glory of all this is that we know we have a common heart to fall back on.  We all love God and want to serve and glorify Him.  The focus of this writing is that God loves us so much that when we trust Him and rely upon Him, He will give us EXACTLY what we need to succeed in our goal to glorify Him.
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Come back in the next day or two to further explore the scarred psyche of this missionary.

Monterrey, Mexico – Day 4 of 4

As I (Mike) sit in Mexico City, awaiting my flight back home to Costa Rica I am considering what this trip to Monterrey, Mexico accomplished.
Here are some reflections on my trip:
Mike Pettengill, Sean McCann and Mark ThompsonTime with Team Honduras – At this conference I spent some quality time with Mark Thompson (Team Leader) and Sean McCann (Teammate). These are two great men.  All of us have spent quality time together in the past, but, the three of us have never been in the same room at the same time. This was a wonderful opportunity to strategize, talk, laugh and pray. I trust both these men with my life and my family. It was great to spend time together.
Time with experienced missionaries – In attendance there were 20 other missionaries from Latin America. Almost all these men are team leaders, and some of them have 30+ years of experience, mistakes and knowledge as missionaries. Talking with them and listening to them was invaluable. Several of them took a personal interest in our efforts in Honduras. Some committed to come to Honduras and help us for short periods. Making contacts with this wealth of knowledge was invaluable.
Training – We sat through some great lectures by some experienced missionaries and some nationals. One of the highlights for me was when the group took several hours for each country leader to stand up and talk about some of their projects, resources and ministries. What an idea fest. Considering, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, you can be assured we will flatter the heck out of some of these successful missionaries.
This Leadership Conference was a great idea. It educated, built a sense of community and provided resources. I am pleased that MTW organized it and honored to have participated.
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Monterrey, Mexico – Day 3 of 4

Missions training in Monterrey, MexicoThings are going well here in Monterrey, Mexico for me (Mike).
The lectures are so very beneficial.  We are also spending some great time with Latin American missionaries that have decades of experience.  What an absolute wealth of information these men Mark Thompson and Sean McCannare.
Mark (Honduras Team Leader) and Sean (Honduras Teammate) and I have had some great chances to sit down and really listen to each other.  What an opportunity.
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Please pray for Erin and Maddy as they stay behind in Costa Rica.
I will keep you update as internet access allows.