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Rain, Robitussin And River

We are coming to an end of the week for the short-term mission on team from the Reformed University Fellowship at Johnson & Wales University of North Carolina.

construction team and SantosOn Wednesday we battled a heavy rain. It altered our plans quite substantially, but didn’t eliminate the work. The team continued construction on a two-bedroom house for a single lady with three kids. We all worked through the rain and got soaked.

Erin working at the medical clinicAfter construction on Thursday we hosted a free medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. The team was very helpful. We were able to treat 45 patients and provide them with prayer, professional consultation and free medicine.

Walter, Alicia and JorgeIn the afternoon some of the team took kids from the community to the river for a swim. Because of the recent rains the river was full and flowing quickly. The kids and the team loved the river and spent time jumping off of the rocks and hunting for river shrimp. In the picture above are three of our scholarship kids – Walter, Alicia and Jorge.

The mission team leaves on Saturday.

Short-Term Mission Team Leads English And Kids Club

The short-term mission team that has been here since Saturday is doing great. The team is from the Reformed University Fellowship at Johnson & Wales University of North Carolina.

On Monday and Tuesday morning the team worked on building a new house for a single mother and her three children. The family currently lives in a house made of sticks with a wooden floor. The team has been doing lots of digging and laying cinder blocks to form the foundation for the two-bedroom house.

English classOn Monday afternoon the team helped Mike teach an English class in Armenia Bonito. Mike taught the first part of the class on body parts and animals. During the second half of the class the mission team broke into small groups with the Hondurans. They worked with them on reading and pronunciation.

playing at Kids ClubIn the afternoon on Tuesday the rain came down hard, but it did not dampen our spirits or wash out our plans. The team helped us with Kids Club. Over 25 kids showed for the event. The team played three indoor games with the kids. We all sang to Bible songs. They then did a skit about Jesus taking away sin. They concluded with providing the kids blank t-shirts and allowing them to draw on them and take them home.

The team from NC is scheduled to leave Saturday.

Short-Term Mission Team Here From NC

RUF team from Johnson and WalesOn Saturday a short-term mission team arrived from Reformed University Fellowship from Johnson & Wales University of North Carolina. The team consists of seven college students and a family of four. They will be here for a week.

On Sunday we took the team on a tour of La Ceiba and got the oriented to their life for the next seven days.

Tyler preachingSunday evening we took the team to church in Armenia Bonito. The team, who knows no Spanish, learned a Spanish worship song and sang it a church. Tyler, the Team Leader, preached with the help of an interpreter.

Monday the team will begin construction and ministry work.

Baseball, Burning And Bread

Erin and Lindsey are busy purchasing everything from toilet paper to peanut butter. We have a short-term mission team arriving on Saturday and we are racing around to make sure we have everything ready for them.

burnt landWork continues on our two acres of land in Armenia Bonito. The workers chopped down the eight feet of grass and shrubs with machetes. They did it through two days of pouring rain. They wanted to work through the rain to beat the heat that was sure to follow. They then stacked up all the weeds and grass and burnt it. Next they started working on ripping out the old fence posts and barbed wire that line the property.

On Tuesday at Kids Club we taught a lesson on Jesus calming the ocean. During the game period beforehand we brought out a wiffle ball (like baseball) set that Sean picked up. We were uncertain how the kids would do with throwing and batting. Baseball is played in Honduras, but not much. What surprised us the most is that most of the girls could hit and throw and most of the boys could not. When we play soccer with the kids the girls don’t play. It was fun to get the girls involved in a team sport with the guys.

Summer Mission Season Comes To An End

On Saturday we said goodbye to our sixth and final short-term mission team of this summer. We hosted teams from California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and New York. Over 70 short-term missionaries, representing a dozen different churches stayed in our home.

We built two houses, helped complete a third house, added a kitchen to a home, and replaced a roof on both a house and a church. Our teams handed out vitamins, Bibles, new shoes and work gloves. They hosted dozens of kids Bible programs, health clinics, and English classes.

Our family was showered with countless gifts for which we can never say enough thanks. Our ministry was provided new soccer balls, Bibles, tracts, clothes, books, musical instruments, craft supplies and so much more.

It took so much time for our team to prepare and execute the logistics needed to provide food, beds, showers, transportation, work projects, and more. But, the benefit to us, our ministry and the Honduran people is immeasurable. It would make your head spin just to think about how many abused kids received hugs this summer, or how many sick people got free medication, or how many tears flowed (both Honduran and U.S.) at the goodbyes.

Real connections were formed and bonds were established. Today there are several hundred more people who love, pray for and support the people of Honduras. The genuine relationships that were established in the name of Christ are the true reward.