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Adios Redeemer

The short-term mission team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City has left the building. Our sixth and final team of the Summer missions season has departed. This team of 18 adults did some wonderful work.

new roofFriday was their last full day in La Ceiba. They completed their roll in raising a new roof for one of the churches in Armenia Bonito. The old, rotten wooden beams on the church were replaced with new, freshly painted steal beams and the corrugated tin was replaced. The roof was also raised 16 inches to help cool the building.

VBSIn the morning the team hosted their fifth daily Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the kids of Armenia. Over 130 kids attended throughout the week.

In the afternoon we took over 60 kids to the river. The girls got their hair washed and were deloused while the boys played.

On Saturday morning the team of 18 flew out of the La Ceiba airport without a hitch.

Our final short-term team of the summer was our biggest and was amazingly energetic. They also left us with suitcases full of gifts to benefit our ministry.  What a wonderful blessing.

We are sad to see them go, but now it is time to rest. In the last three months we have had six short-term mission teams visiting for seven weeks, a military coupe and a 7.1 earthquake. Time to relax for a couple days.

Redeemer Going Out With A Bang

The short-term mission team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City has done some great work. They have one more full day of work in Armenia Bonito then they fly out on Saturday.

raising the roof on a churchThey have made some amazing progress in the construction area. Their primary focus has been raising a new roof on one of the local churches. On Wednesday and Thursday the team focused on preparing and installing metal beams for the support structure on the church. They were also able to finish a new cement floor on an indoor kitchen for the Pastor of the same church.

Wednesday afternoon the team took the kids in the community out to the local river. The men on the team played with the boys while the ladies washed and primped the girls. It was wonderful.

Each morning the team has hosted a Vacation Bible School for the local kids. It has been very well received by the kids and the parents of the community.

medical clinic in Armenia BonitoThursday we hosted our second free health clinic this week. We treated 50 patients in all. The team from Redeemer worked at all phases of the clinic and provided a doctor to supplement the treatment given by Erin. Each person received prayer, evangelism, free medication and a professional consultation.

This team has done some wonderful work to benefit the people of Armenia Bonito.

First Full Day In Honduras for Redeemer Team

Redeemer Pres.Our 18 member short-term team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City spent their first full day in Honduras on Sunday. Mike took the team through the Darkness 2 Light child abuse prevention training. Next was a two-hour tour of La Ceiba, followed by English language church in our house.

at churchIn the evening we attended a church service in Armenia Bonito. The service was held in front of a newly constructed house that our team recently built. The team from New York brought a keyboard and a guitar and performed two songs in Spanish and one song in English. The Hondurans loved that the team sang in Spanish without knowing the language.

On Monday we begin construction and other ministry work.

Changing Of The Guard

This morning we took the mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, Arizona and Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, California to the airport. This afternoon we picked up our next mission team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City from the airport.

This team from Redeemer consists of 18 adults. They are our last mission team of the summer. We have our busiest week of the summer planned for them. They will do construction work every morning consisting of renovations on a church in Armenia Bonito. They also have two health clinics, two kids clubs and an English class ahead of them. It is going to be a busy week for this crew.

We look forward to working side by side with this team. Check back regularly for pictures and updates.

Construction, Cooking And Conjugation

The short-term mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, Arizona and Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, California is doing a great job. They are diving right in and impacting the lives of the people of Armenia Bonito.

building a wallThe mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday found us building a new indoor kitchen for the Pastor of a local church. Cinderblock walls, a cement floor and a tin roof will soon replace a dirt floor and wooden shack. The construction is hot and hard, but the team is doing well.

English classTuesday afternoon saw the team bringing their English ability into play. They helped to teach an English class to 15 eager Hondurans. The first part of the class consisted of table place settings and vocabulary surrounding food consumption. The second half was small group pronunciation. Each person sat down with one to three students and helped them pronounce English words and read a Bible story in English.

cookingOur lunch plans on Wednesday were special. Instead of our usual PB&J we sat down with a local family and enjoyed homemade Honduran food. Baleadas, empanadas and coconut bread were on the menu. But, before we ate the ladies tried their hands in the kitchen. They learned how to hand-make tortillas on a wood stove and how to prepare empanadas.

God is being glorified.