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Singing, Concrete And Evangelism

Our short-term mission team has been very active.  These missionaries from Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church of Elk Grove, California and Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, California are doing a great job.

singing at church in Armenia BonitoOn Sunday we attended one of the churches in Armenia Bonito.  Three of the youth from the short-term team went to the front and sang a worship song for the congregation.  Pastor Andrews, with the help of an interpreter, preached a message on Psalm 110.

smoothing the floor Monday morning the team started their first day of construction.  They finished the cement floor on a house we are building for Marcos and Jolie.  The group mixed cement and applied and smoothed the floor.  It was hard work on a hot day.

gospel to the kidsIn the afternoon the team put on a Kids Club for 22 youth in Armenia Bonito.  We all played soccer and then went into the community center.  The team told a gospel presentation using the color method.  After the story the team helped the kids make necklaces using colored beads.

The group is doing well, if not a little tired after the first day. 

A New York Benefit To A La Ceiba Soccer Match

the event for the Redeemer teamLate last week the short-term mission team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York held a benefit for their upcoming mission trip to Honduras.  They raffled prizes, took donations and had a good time.  In all, more then 70 people showed up to help them raise money to benefit the people of Honduras.  We can’t wait to serve alongside these folks.

On Saturday our current short-term mission team spent their first full day in La Ceiba.  This team of 11 missionaries is from Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church of Elk Grove, California and Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, California.

Saturday afternoon we took the team on a driving tour of La Ceiba.  We showed them the bulk of the city and gave them lots of information.  We visited Armenia Bonito where the team will be working and talked to many of the people with whom they will be serving.

at the soccer matchIn the evening we took nine members of the team to the local soccer stadium.  We watched a professional soccer match.  Our group cheered as the hometown Victoria team played the powerhouse Marathon to a 0-0 tie.  The team had a great time with this major part of local Honduran culture.

Soaring Oaks/Faith Mission Team Is Here

Soaring Oaks and FaithOur next short-term mission team is here.  Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church of Elk Grove, California and Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, California have sent a team of 11 missionaries to work with us.  They arrived safely and with no delays.  They actually caught an earlier connector flight and got here seven hours early.

The team will be here from July 31 to August 12.  The team consists of seven youth and four adults.  We are excited about the work this team will be doing.  They brought down so many supplies to benefit our ministry.  We are so greatly looking forward to working with these folks.

Medical Mercy Ministries And More Missionaries

On Thursday we ran our free weekly health clinic in Armenia Bonito.  The people of Armenia Bonita are extremely poor and many can’t afford the 35 cent bus ride into town or the nominal consultation fee at the public hospital.  Our clinics are a great demonstration of Christ’s mercy and love to people who struggle to survive.  We served 32 patients.

Erin working with girlsMike and our teammate Sean worked at patient intake, where each person was weighed, measured, had their blood sugar taken and their blood pressure checked.  Mike and Sean also prayed with each person and provided them with evangelism tracts.  Each person then met with Erin, where they received a professional diagnosis and prescription.  Finally each person met with Maddy and our teammate Josh where they received free medicine and instructions of how to use it.

Now, it is time to get to work.  Our next short-term mission team will be here next Friday.  We have to prepare their sleeping quarters and food.  We also have to put in a good amount of time purchasing materials for their construction projects and their ministry events.  The team of youth and adults will be a wonderful blessing for our ministry.

Short-Term Mission Teams – Midway Point

The months of June, July and August is the chief period when U.S. churches send teams of short-term missionaries into the mission field. We are halfway through our first short-term mission season.  We have received three teams and we have three more still to come.

By the time the summer is over we will have received roughly 70 short-term missionaries from eight churches.  These teams will come from eight churches in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, California and New York.

To organize these teams is a huge undertaking.  Preparation, administration and execution is a fulltime effort for our entire team.  It is physically and mentally draining.  But, the benefits far outweigh the toll.  Our ministry receives a huge blessing from our visitors.  They are all hard workers and learn to love the people they are serving.  The short termers also provide us with a charge and remind us how lucky we are to be working here.

At the midway point we are excited to say that this summer has already been a huge success for our ministry, the Honduran people and the churches sending short-term missionaries.  Satan has done a wonderful job this summer adding doubts and concerns into people’s minds.  But, God’s glory will not be thwarted.

Please pray for the four churches that will be sending missionaries to Honduras in the next six weeks, and praise God for the four churches that have already sent workers into the harvest.