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Busy Start With The Guys From Trinity

communion at Gringo ChurchDr. Greg and Pastor Mike are serving by our side this week. These two are from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA.

On Sunday, their first full day in La Ceiba, they were busy. We gave them a tour of the city. They joined us for Gringo Church and Pastor Mike administered communion to our team. For some of us this was our first communion since August. After lunch we went to a Honduran church, which was all in Spanish. In the afternoon we all attended a Super Bowl party at our home.

Pastor Mike and concreteMonday was a busy day. Pastor Mike spent the first half of the day doing a little construction with our Honduran workers at our ministry center in Armenia Bonito. They started pouring the concrete floor in our medical clinic. Pastor Mike helped mix and carry buckets of concrete into the clinic.

Monday afternoon Pastor Mike helped our Mike teach English class to 20 students. The students worked on sounds and pronunciation and read a bible passage. At the end of class both Mikes tested the kids on vocabulary words and helped each kid read a portion of scripture.

Dr. Greg and his magic boxDr. Greg helped our team put on a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. Erin and Dr. Greg treated 50 patients. Dr. Greg and his portable ultrasound were a big hit. He checked pregnant moms, did breast exams and even identified a cancerous mass in one women.

What a great blessing these men are to us and the people of Honduras. The best way to keep up with the ministry work of Greg and Mike is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Two Visitors From Pennsylvania

Dr. Greg and Pastor MikeOn Saturday Pastor Mike Wolcott and Dr. Greg Moore arrived in La Ceiba. These two servants are from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA. They will be with us for a week.

This is Dr. Greg’s fifth visit to work with us in La Ceiba. He is very familiar with our ministry and our shortcomings. We have always appreciated his unflinching service and honest friendship.

While Pastor Mike is a veteran short-term missionary to Latin America, this is his first visit to Honduras. Pastor Mike is the Youth Director at his home church. While Mike will be serving with us his primary job is to learn about our ministry and explore the possibility of Trinity expanding their already active short-term activity in La Ceiba.

We look forward working with these two men this week and are pleased at the increased ministry work their presence provides. The best way to keep up with the activity of Greg and Mike is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Update On The Dorms

You may recall last spring we were racing to get the first floor of our dorms completed in time to be used by the nine short-term mission teams visiting June through August of 2011. Now, we are racing (albeit not as frantically) to complete the second floor of the dorms in time for our 18 short-term teams visiting June through August of 2012.

2nd floor dorm roomThat is right we are doubling the number short-term mission teams this year. We are going to host 18 teams this summer. We will have two each week. That means we need to double our sleeping capacity from 20 to 40 beds. On the second floor we are putting two new dorm rooms. One church will sleep upstairs and the second will sleep downstairs.

2nd floor diningOf course feeding becomes more complicated. Last year our teammate Kathy coordinated the feeding of the mission teams out of her house. This year, Lord willing, the teams will eat at the dorms in a small dinning hall. In this room we will have enough tables and benches to seat up to 48 people.

thirdBecause we only had a small kitchenette in the dorms last year the teams were very cramped when it came to recreation and socialization. This year our workers are building a lounge area upstairs on the third floor of the dorms. It will be open and airy with a tin roof and chairs to relax and play games at night. We are even planning a little Internet café.

Short-term teams are a blessing to our ministry. We pray that, when completed, this dorm facility will bless their experience while serving our Father in Honduras.

End Of The 2011 Summer Mission Season

On Saturday we said farewell to our final short-term mission team of Summer 2011.

From June 4th to August 27th we hosted nine short-term mission teams. In 12-weeks there were 105 short-term missionaries from six U.S. states working with us in La Ceiba, Honduras.

In three months these mission teams hosted 20 medical clinics, put on 11 Kids Clubs, taught nine ESL classes, took the kids to the river six times, built three houses, and took the kids to the beech twice.

Many people have asked us, “Wouldn’t it just be better if all these people just sent you money instead of wasting resources flying to Honduras?” Our answer is an emphatic NO. Money cannot provide a hug to a fatherless child or fellowship to Christian brothers. Money cannot play soccer with drug dealers or wipe the tears of a crying child. As Christians we are called to serve the poor, the sick, the widow and the orphan. Yes, sending money can buy things for the poor and help build houses, but just as Christ touched the leper, the Hondurans also desire the touch of a loving and merciful hand.

The summer mission season is physically hard on our permanent missionaries.  We work 12-hour days week after week. But, the benefit to our ministry is well worth it. The benefit to the Great Commission is worth it. And, the benefit to the people of Honduras is worth it.

Thanks to every short-term missionary and every church that sent a team to Honduras this summer. You are all welcome back (and NO, we don’t say that to everyone).

Now, it is time for us to rest for a few days and then back to daily ministry.

Treating The Sick And Serving Those In Need

medical clinicThe eight-person mission team from Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, CA had a very busy day on Thursday.

Several members of the team helped to host a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. They treated 38 people. This was a great demonstration of God’s mercy and justice to the poor in this community.

houseThe rest of the team put in a solid day of construction on a house for a poor family. They completed an amazing amount of work on this house. When it is done the home will provide a great blessing for the family of four.

In the evening the team ate at a Honduran restaurant and played soccer.

This team has demonstrated great heart and awesome flexibility.