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Building Doors And Opening Minds

The eight-person mission team from Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, CA endured the heat on Tuesday.

working on the houseIn the morning the team continued construction on a house for a poor family in Armenia Bonito. They worked on wall construction and started building the doors for the house. Later in the morning the group walked to our ministry center and raised the final two 1800 lbs. trusses for the roof of our indoor soccer field.

Kid's ClubAfter lunch the team helped put on a Kids Club for 30 kids. They helped love on the kids and teach a lesson that had to do with explaining how the Bible is not simply a book of stories. The kids enjoyed the energy of the Covenant team. These kids love to play and enjoy receiving attention.

On Wednesday Covenant continues construction work and will take the kids to the river for a little fun. To receive pictures, stories and prayer needs about Covenant’s work follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.

Everyone Is Flying Home On Saturday

Friday is the last full day in Honduras for the short term mission team from Village Seven Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, CO. On Saturday the team from Village Seven flies home. Saturday is also the day our 15-year-old daughter concludes her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City and flies home to Honduras.

Prepairing the roof for weldingOn Wednesday, with the help of the 20-person team from Village Seven, we did construction work on our ministry center in Armenia Bonito and continued work on a new home for the Sandoval family. In the afternoon we took 30 Honduran kids to the river for an afternoon of fun.

On Thursday the team again did construction work in the morning. They hosted their third medical clinic and second Kids Club of the week. Village Seven has done a wonderful week of work and ministry.

Madison and her kidsFriday is Madison’s final full day in New York City. Her internship and responsibilities have come to an end. She has thoroughly enjoyed herself and we hear nothing but good reports about her hard work and positive attitude. She has done a wonderful job about counseling and preparing new missionary kids for their service around the globe.

New Team And Hard Working Daughter

Village Seven Presbyterian ChurchOur sixth short-term mission team of the summer arrived on Saturday. This 20-person team is from Village Seven Presbyterian Church from Colorado Springs, CO. The team is mostly youth, but has several members of the church leadership and a doctor to help with medical work. The team has lots of energy.

Madison and her groupMadison, our 15-year-old daughter, is beginning the final week of her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City. She is enjoying every aspect of working in New York, but her favorite part has been mentoring the future missionary kids in a small group setting. She has been taking them through a cross-cultural curriculum and sharing with them her experiences as a missionary kid.

Kids Club, Kinder And Kate

The short-term mission team from Grace Community Church of Mobile, AL is doing a great job.

On Tuesday the team did construction work on a home renovation in the morning. In the afternoon they hosted a Kids Club for 15 kids and sang songs, played games, did crafts and told the story of Jesus and the paralytic.

The medical crew went into the Kinder (K & 1st grades) school in the morning and did health and wellness checkups on 37 kids. They checked and charted vitals and distributed worming medication and vitamins. In the afternoon they hosted a medical clinic and treated 35 patients.

On Wednesday the team did construction work on our downtown ministry center in the morning. In the afternoon they took 30 kids to the river to play.

Kate and MaddyOur daughter Madison only has nine days left on her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City. She has been able to spend some time with our future teammate Kate DeFuniak. Kate is one of the 30 future missionaries attending the training and will soon join our fulltime mission team here in Honduras. We hear good reports about Madison from our many spies keeping eyes on her.

Blocks, Bowels And Bananas

Our short-term mission team from Grace Community Church of Mobile, AL is working hard. On Sunday the team attended two church services, toured La Ceiba and received some training. The weather was nice, but of course, you knew that wouldn’t last.

medical clinicMonday was a hot day. The team started the day with some light construction on a home renovation for a needy family. We removed a roof and a wall and replaced the old wood with new cinderblocks. Grace also staffed a medical clinic. They helped treat 45 patients including a few severe cases of diarrhea, bronchitis and infections. The team even made some house calls to some of the less mobile cases.

In the afternoon the team helped teach an English class to a dozen students. Having lots of people here to help our students with proper pronunciation is great.

Maddy's banana awardOur 15-year-old daughter is more than halfway done with her month-long cross-cultural internship in New York City. She has concluded her VBS in Queens and did a great job. At the end of the VBS she was given a banana award, “Bravest VBS Worker”, because she was brave enough to be a 15-year-old kid working in New York by herself. In the afternoons she continues to focus on the three missionary kids she is mentoring and is very exited to be preparing them to serve around the world.