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New York City – Day 2 of 31

We just concluded our second day of missions training in New York. The day was concentrated mostly around introductions, schedules and orientation.
We learned more about the classroom training and the church ministry work we will be doing. Erin was assigned to the Worship team and will play piano and sing worship songs for the group everyday. Mike was assigned to the Communications team and will help to establish a weekly newsletter and blog to report on our activities.
Our friend Sue BurchWe also learned that Sue Burch will be our small group Leader while we are working at Iglesia Nueva Vida, the Spanish language church where we will be doing our ministry work. Sue has a very special place in our hearts. Sue was our Evaluator at MTW’s Readiness Evaluation, our Counselor at MTW’s Living in Grace conference, and she and her husband John counseled us over the phone for three months. We like Sue.
We also got a chance to meet Sean, Lindsey, and Baby Lucy McCann for the first time. This is the family we will be working with in Honduras. We hit it off well and are really looking forward to working close with them this month.
Check back frequently in July as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our month in New York City.

If you want an overview of our missions training in New York click here.

New York City – Day 1 of 31

The three of us have arrived in New York City. We are here for the entire month of July receiving mission training from Mission to the World.
Our home for the month of JulyThis morning we moved into our apartment. It is located at 189th and Broadway. Our apartment is a one bedroom unit located in the building pictured to the left. We are located in a Spanish speaking neighborhood called Washington Heights.
Tomorrow we report for our first day of mission training. We will join 30 other missionaries in training that will include cultural adaptation, language acquisition, team building and more. Our training will take place at a church in Queens.
In addition we will spend the first half of each day working at Iglesia Nueva Vida.  Nueva Vida is a Spanish only church. We will be serving in this church in whatever capacity is needed.
This month long training is intended to take us out of our comfort zone and provide us with some of the skills we will need to succeed on the mission field.
Check back frequently in July as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our month in New York City.