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Utah Church Tour

Mike, Erin and Madison at the Nevada/Utah State LineWe’re here. We have scheduled a four day trip through the great state of Utah. From June 8th to the 11th we are visiting PCA churches and individuals.
Our purpose is to share God’s plan for us in Honduras. It is our prayer that these churches and their members will join Team Honduras through prayer and financial support. It would be so exciting for these congregations to see God’s glory, not in us, but in His desire to bring grace, love, and physical healing to Honduras.
There are five churches we hope to interact with while in Utah. Here are the churches:

We ask you to pray for these five churches. Don’t pray only that they join us. God’s plan involves so much more than us. Please pray for their spiritual health and their ability to glorify God in all they do. Utah is a huge mission opportunity in and of itself.
Check back tomorrow and we will have more pictures and stories.

Faith, Prayer and the Ox

Today we were able to worship with Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma.  This was our second visit to Faith. Mike and Madison were able to visit back in March.
This congregation has already signed on as one of the members of Team Honduras. This visit was intended to allow us to worship with our brothers and sisters. We were also able to say thank you for their prayers and financial support and to share with them our prayer needs. Pastor Tim invited us to the front during service and the leadership of the church prayed over us and asked God to be with us as we head out to Honduras.
After the service we joined some of the congregation for a little fellowship. We walked down to the town square and went to Sonoma’s 40th annual Ox Roast, where we enjoyed live music, an ox plate and some great conversation.
We really enjoy the fellowship, teaching and support from Faith. We hope to see ya’ll on a short-term trip to Honduras in the future.

Grace Community Church

Today Mike worshiped with Grace Community Church of Mobile, Alabama. This is the congregation that was so instrumental in making last week’s trip to Honduras possible. Grace Community is a great church that has a big heart for missions.
Pastor Brayars prays for Mike and HondurasDuring the service Mike was able to talk to the congregation for 10 minutes about what God is doing with us and what God is doing in Honduras. After the presentation the congregation prayed for our efforts in Honduras.
Pastor Bryars then delivered a great message on the Sword of the Spirit. After the service Mike met with the Missions Committee. He gave them a more detailed presentation on the work in Honduras and shared some great pictures. They asked some great questions. The church is now deciding if God wants them to support our efforts and if so, at what level. Please pray for them as they try to discern God’s will for them.
We would like to thank Grace Community Church for making this trip to Mobile and last week’s trip to Honduras possible. We would like to especially thank the Albertson family for putting Mike up in their home and allowing him to disrupt their lives so close to the big day. Thanks also to Pastor Bryars and John for their fellowship, insight and encouragement.
May God bless you all. Hope to see you in Honduras.

Fresno Reformed Presbyterian Church

Today Erin and Madison had the opportunity to speak at Fresno Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Pastor Tim McCracken was very excited to have us share with his congregation what God will be doing through us in Honduras.
We had the opportunity to sit through his sermon on Paul from Acts. Afterwards we were invited to join the congregation for lunch and a very welcome time of fellowship. After lunch we were able to share our plans for Honduras. We had many people agree to pray for us, and some financial support from the congregation.
Fresno Reformed Presbyterian Church is very involved in the Great Commission as they support a missionary in the Sudan. We are very excited about the work they are doing around the world.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Erin in fellowship at Covenant PresbyterianToday we visited with Covenant Presbyterian Church of Castroville. Covenant is an OPC church lead by Pastor Joel Robbins.
Mike taught a Sunday School class on Missions/Evangelism before service and then provided the congregation with a brief overview of the work God has us doing in Honduras. After this we worshiped with the congregation and listened to a sermon from Luke 17. Finally we joined Covenant in a meal and time of fellowship.
Many of the members agreed to pray for the work in Honduras. We are excited to have been given the honor of sharing and worshiping with Covenant.