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School Supplies For 467 Kids

467 kids lined up for school suppliesOn Saturday our team organized our fourth annual school supply distribution for the kids of Armenia Bonito. This was the least chaotic of our four school supply events. Never before have so many kids received school supplies from us. We gave school supplies to 467 kids.

The school year in Honduras begins in February and ends in November. Public school is “free” up to the sixth grade, but the kids must pay for their own uniforms and school supplies. The average person in Honduras makes $3,000/year and the unemployment rate is above 30%. Most families in Armenia Bonito are struggling to afford food. This means that if a parent sends their child to school they may have to make the choice between purchasing rice and beans for their kids’ or notebooks and pencils. Because of this tough choice many parents do not send their children to school. We have been told by many parents that our annual school supply distribution is the only way their family could afford to send their kids to school.

Mike T. leading a group of 10For the first time we hosted the school supply distribution at our ministry center. We had 10 gringos and 10 Honduran volunteers. The kids waited outside and were led in, in groups of 10. They received glue, scissors, notebooks, erasers, compasses, pencils, sharpeners and much much more. Our team of volunteers did an amazing job. All 467 kids received school supplies in two hours.

Thanks so much to the individuals and churches from the U.S. who sent school supplies and money to make this event a reality. Watch the 2 minute 30 second video HERE.

Last Call For School Supplies

The school year in Honduras runs from February to November. School is free and mandatory up to the sixth grade. But, children must provide their own uniforms and school supplies. The average person in Honduras earns only $3,000/year. This makes purchasing school supplies a luxury for many families. Because of the financial burden many kids do not go to school.

This is the fourth year in a row we will be providing school supplies to hundreds of Honduran kids and making a year of school a reality for them. Take a look at videos of our school supply distribution from 2010 and 2011.

Each year we ask people like you to send money or school supplies. The school supplies are distributed in January. We must receive all money or school supplies by December 31st. It takes 14 days for packages to arrive from the U.S. (no matter how they are mailed). So if you are interested in being part of this great ministry you must send your support by December 17th.

If you wish to support this project with financial help you can give via credit or debit card by going HERE.

If you wish to mail supplies you can send the following items:
colored pens/pencils
individual pencil sharpeners
colored chalk
blackboard erasers
paper (all kinds)
finger paint (small containers)
backpacks and book bags
glue sticks

It can all be sent to:
Mike Pettengill
PO Box 1090
La Ceiba, Atlantida
Central America

Please be in prayer for the kids of Honduras.

Training Future Leaders Of Honduras

Our team is providing scholarships to five kids to attend high school. Only 1/3rd of Hondurans attend high school and for the poor community of Armenia Bonito high school is rarely an option.

Our responsibility to these kids does not simply end at paying their tuition. Each week we sit down with them in an intimate setting and provide them with discipleship training. We pray with them and we lead them through a systematic theology class. This age appropriate study is providing them biblical knowledge that is deeper than most adults receive.

Alicia, Nancy and Greicy with KathyOn Monday Alicia, Nancy and Greicy went through their study. On Tuesday George and Carlos go through their class. The girls are moving much faster than the boys. For Alicia, Nancy and George this is their second year in this study.

School Supplies For The Kids Of Honduras

Hondurans with school suppliesIn Honduras the average person makes less then $3,000 a year and the unemployment rate is above 30%. Because of this and the fact that free and compulsory education stops at the sixth grade, only 1/3rd of the kids attend school beyond the sixth grade. In an effort to make education a reality in Armenia Bonito we are asking our friends and supporters to help provide school supplies for the school year that begins in February of 2011.

For the 2010 school year we were able to distribute over 20,000 school supplies to over 400 kids, three schools, three churches and an orphanage. If you would like to see a short video talking about last year’s school supplies click HERE.

We would like you to prayerfully consider providing school supplies for the kids in Armenia Bonito. Please purchase school supplies and mail them to this address by December 31, 2010:

Sean & Lindsey McCann
P.O. Box 171
La Ceiba, Atlantida
Central America

Let us know if you would rather send money and our team can purchase the supplies in Honduras.

First Year Of Scholarships Complete

three kids finishing their first year of high school under our scholarship programThe first year of our high school scholarship program is complete. Three kids from Armenia Bonito completed their first year of high school within our program. The Honduran school year runs from February to November each year.

Only 1/3rd of kids in Honduras attend school beyond the 6th grade. The average person in Honduras only has 6.1 years of education. Honduras has a 50% unemployment rate and the average person makes only $3,000 a year. All high school is private and financially out of reach for most families. Because, of this it is very exciting to see three kids from the super-poor community of Armenia Bonito being afforded the opportunity to receive a high school education.

In our scholarship program these three kids received all their school supplies, uniforms, tuition, bus transportation and participated in biblical discipleship program. In 2011 we plan to offer scholarships to five high school students.

If you would like to help sponsor a child for 2011 please download THIS FORM, fill it out and send it in. Or, if you’d like to make a one time, on-line contribution with your credit card go HERE and enter account number 92410 as the designation.