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Featured Prominently In SteetChild Magazine

cover of StreetChildMTW’s StreetChild program produces a quarterly newsletter that promotes the StreetChild ministries to thousands of churches throughout the U.S. Several of our newest ministries are featured prominently in the latest issue of the StreetChild newsletter. To download your copy of the newsletter click HERE.

This issue features three short articles about our work in Honduras.

The first article talks about our “house grandma” for our teen girls home. Oneyda Ortiz is a Honduran who lives in our Puerta de Esperanza. She is the rule enforcer and Christian mentor for the young girls living in our home.

The second article talks about the launching of both our StreetChild ministry to homeless kids and our teen girls home, Puerta de Esperanza.

The third article talks about two of our missionaries attending the Pavement Project training in Mexico. Kate and Shannon attended this training that helps them to better understand and serve kids who have been abused. They have already implemented this in Honduras.

Puerta De Esperanza Opens Its Doors

Door of HopePuerta de Esperanza (or Door of Hope) is a brand new ministry offered by our team here in La Ceiba, Honduras. Under the hard work and guidance of our teammate Shannon, Puerta de Esperanza is a home for teenage mothers and their babies. The facility started operation on Wednesday by receiving its first two teenage residents.

In Honduras 50% of children are born to single parent homes. The average age for first pregnancies is 15.3 years and 80% of birth certificates do not have a father’s name. Puerta de Esperanza provides hope for girls escaping substance abuse, violence and the streets. Living with the girls in the home will be a House Mother who will mentor the girls and enforce the rules.

The name Door of Hope is derived from Hosea where God provides a door of hope through the wilderness. It is our prayer that, for these young mothers, this home will provide a glimpse of the hope, love and mercy that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to see a brief video of this new ministry click HERE.

Featured In StreetChild

StreetChildMTW’s StreetChild program produces a quarterly newsletter that promotes the StreetChild program to thousands of churches throughout the U.S. Our two newest ministries and our two newest missionaries are featured prominently in the latest issue of the StreetChild newsletter. To download your copy of the newsletter click HERE.

An article is written about Kate DeFuniak and the work she will be doing in Honduras. Kate is starting a StreetChild program in La Ceiba to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the kids living on the streets.

Another article talks about Shannon Innes and her new ministry to teen mothers. Shannon has opened Puerta De Esperanza (Door of Hope). She will be providing a home, job training and spiritual discipleship to moms that are trying to escape violence, substance abuse or life on the streets.

These two new ministries allow us to act as the hands and feet of Christ and show His mercy and justice to the poorest and most needy in La Ceiba.

Meet Our Teammate: Shannon Innes

Shannon InnesShannon arrived in La Ceiba on May 1st. She has joined our team for two years. Shannon earned a degree in mathematics from Presbyterian College in South Carolina. She is from Cary, North Carolina where she served on the staff of Peace Presbyterian Church.

Before serving fulltime in Honduras Shannon previous participated in short-term mission work in India, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She grew up in a Christian home with three siblings.

Shannon is gifted in the areas of faith, hospitality and sheperding. It seems as if the Lord has been preparing her all her life for the type of work she is doing here in La Ceiba. Her primary ministry in Honduras is the establishment of a home for single mothers. She has rented and furnished a house that will serve as a refuge for young mothers escaping chemical dependency, violence or life on the streets. Shannon will be guiding these young girls and their children into self-sufficiency and knowledge of the Lord.

Our team and our family are so fortunate to have Shannon on our side. Her honest love for us all is evident and appreciated. She is a great friend to each member of our family. She is genuinely loved and appreciated by each us.

Please pray for Shannon as she battles the difficulties encountered when starting a new ministry in a foreign country.

First Time Ever All Together

Team HondurasHere it is. The NEW Team Honduras. We’ve all previously met each other and have talked for years. But, five minutes before this picture was taken was the first time ever that this version of Team Honduras was ever together in one place. But, not for long.

Shannon, the Clows and the Pettengills are all here in La Ceiba and will continue to be. Kate heads back to Alabama to finish packing and will return to Honduras to begin her service in November. The Troxells return to Costa Rica to finish studying Spanish and will return to Honduras in December.

Everyone got together for our first ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat. On Saturday evening we had a team dinner together and on Sunday morning we worshiped together.