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Swimming, Supplies And Shannon

The short-term mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ had a very diverse and eclectic day of ministry.

In the morning two missionaries stayed in town to try and fix our teammate’s car. Following a huge storm Shannon miscalculated the depth of the water in an intersection and her car stalled. Joseph and Miguel were able to dry out the engine and get it running again. Shannon couldn’t be more happy.

A group of ladies also stayed in town to help dig through a large amount ministry supplies. They uncovered and sorted lots of baby and infant items that will be a great gift for some pregnant moms we know.

mixing the mortarThe rest of the Rincon team did some morning construction on our ministry center and a new house for a single mom. The house group continued to mix cement and lay blocks for the walls of the new house for the needy family. The house is coming along nicely and may even be completed by the end of the month.

swimming in the riverIn the afternoon the group helped make and then eat homemade baleadas cooked on a wood burning stove. After lunch they provided a great treat to 30 local kids. They drove them to the river and swam and played for hours. This kind of intimate interaction with adults is rare for these kids.

This day was a great blessing for the Hondurans and the fulltime missionaries alike.

End Of A Great Week

The 14-person mission team from Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale, AZ is ending well in Honduras. After a great week in Honduras they depart on Saturday.

gringo towerWednesday they helped take 26 kids from the super poor community of Armenia Bonito to a fun afternoon at the beach. The kids received games, a yummy plate of food and a gospel presentation from our teammate Shannon. It was a fun experience for those kids that don’t have enough fun experiences in their lives.

We hosted our third medical clinic of the week. With the help of the team we treated over 140 patients. Everyone received prayer, evangelism, professional medical care and medicine.

The team continued light construction in the mornings by working on both of our ministry centers and renovating the home of two families in Armenia Bonito.

Madison and the kids she mentorsOn Friday Madison concludes a week of teaching VBS at a church in Queens. Her class in the VBS consists of 14 kids ages 4 to 6. The VBS has gone very well. In the afternoon she continues to mentor future missionary kids and help prepare them for their service around the world. Reports from our spies tell us Madison serving well.

First Step Toward Helping Single Moms

Mike and our teammate Shannon just took the first step towards starting an exciting new ministry here in Honduras. They met with our Honduran attorney and presented a written plan to open a home for single moms. They talked about the pandemic nature of Honduran women who are pregnant or with new babies and are trapped in violent relationships, substance abuse or poverty.

Shannon has a heart for single moms and wants to create a home where these ladies can live temporarily, escape violence, discover a trade, become self-sufficient and learn about the grace and mercy of Jesus. Our attorney, a single mom herself, has previously volunteered many hours helping address this situation. She is thrilled to work with us on this project.

There are many social and legal barriers we must maneuver. Our team must be smart and intentional about this work, but there is such great need for this ministry. One could walk down the streets of La Ceiba and see many teenage mothers with babies in arms selling goods are even prostituting themselves to get by.

Please join us in praying as we attempt to launch this exciting new work.

Our Newest Teammate Is In Honduras

Welcome to Honduras! Shannon Innes arrived in La Ceiba on Sunday. Shannon is from Cary, North Carolina and will serve with us for at least the next two years.

Shannon InnesIt typical form Shannon’s house isn’t quite ready. Even though her landlord had two months notice of her arrival the house is still having the roof repaired. So, Shannon will temporarily live with our teammates the Clows.

Shannon has been in Costa Rica attending language school for nine months. Our desire for Shannon is that she will begin working with young mothers seeking assistance. In La Ceiba there are lots of teen mothers, single mothers and mothers escaping violence and/or chemical dependency. Shannon has a heart to work with these ladies.

Please be in prayer for Shannon as she adjusts to the heat, the culture and her new teammates.

Latin American Missions Conference

Our family is currently in Mexico at MTW’s Latin American Missions Conference. This conference is held every four years and is intended to provide training, counseling and spiritual education to missionaries based in Latin America.

The entire Team Honduras is here. It has been great to attend the classes and trainings together. But, it has been a greater joy to be reunited with numerous missionary friends; many of which we haven’t seen in over three years.

One of the greatest joys has been spending time with our newest teammate: Shannon Innes. Shannon has completed all of her mission training and raised her financial support and is now in Costa Rica attending Spanish language school. Shannon will be in Honduras soon, but has joined us at this conference. Our entire team has enjoyed talking with and sharing meals with Shannon.