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All About Honduras In Utah

On Sunday God’s work in Honduras was glorified in the heart of Utah. We spent the day with the great folks of Grace Presbyterian Church in Layton, UT.

Erin, Mike and Madison taught the 9:30am Sunday school hour. We talked about the kids of Honduras to a mixed group of adults and children.

Erin and Madison talking about Honduras at GraceDuring the worship service Erin and Madison delivered brief mission moment where they talked about our ministry. Mike was given the opportunity to preach the message. At the end of the service all three of us were invited back up front and the church leaders prayed over our family.

In the afternoon we were invited to two separate social events to fellowship with members from Grace.

It was a pleasure to share Honduras with so many wonderful people.

In Utah To Talk About Honduras

On Thursday we drove 12 hours from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. We are in Utah for four days to share about Honduras.

The drive from Phoenix to Salt Lake CityThe drive was beautiful and very cold. Northern Arizona and Utah are very attractive drives. Unfortunately the cold spell covered our drive with lots of cold and snow. From the time we left Phoenix the temperature never got above 28 and was as low as -2. Every gas, potty or food stop looked like a fire drill as we raced from place to place to avoid the cold.

Mike talking at presbyteryOn Friday Mike attended a regional presbytery meeting. This is a gathering of church leaders and pastors from two dozen Presbyterian churches from three states. Mike shared with the group about missions in general and Honduras specifically. There was great interest and lots of discussions.

Mission Conference With Rincon Mountain

This weekend we are attending a three-day mission conference hosted by Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church or Tucson, AZ. Rincon is a big supporter of our ministry in Honduras. This summer they will visit Honduras to attend their second mission trip with us.

Friday night we attended a dinner with 25 people from Rincon. We talked at great length about the upcoming short-term mission trip to Honduras and invited the participants to prayerfully consider participating.

Mike presenting to 75 peopleOn Saturday Mike and Erin were afforded an opportunity to share about our ministry in Honduras. We talked at great length about some of the individuals that have been impacted by our ministry. Erin was asked to spend some time with the kids of the church. She shared with them stories about the Honduran kids Erin making tortillas with the kidsand she taught them how to make homemade tortillas.

On Sunday we will return to Rincon and worship there. Mike will also be asked to give a brief presentation about Honduras during the service.

A Weekend With PURC

On Saturday Mike hand lunch with Phil Grotenhuis, the Pastor of Phoenix United Reformed Church (PURC). The two talked about our ministry in Honduras and PURC’s ministry in Phoenix. It was good to sit and fellowship with Pastor Grotenhuis. Phil expressed great concern and compassion for the emotional and spiritual health of our family. His genuine interest for the well-being of our family was refreshing.

Sunday our family attended worship service at PURC and heard Pastor Grotenhuis preach. Erin and Madison had not attended this church in over three years. It was so pleasing to hug and share with the so many people who have been so active in our ministry. PURC as a body supports us financially and in prayer. There are also many families who have supported us in so many ways.

We look forward to additional worship with these brothers and sisters and getting to know them better during our time in Arizona.

First Sunday On Furlough In Arizona

On Sunday our family attended Covenant Community Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. The three of us started the day by attending three different Sunday school classes. Erin was afforded a good chunk of time to talk about Honduras in her Sunday school class.

Mike addressing the congregation at Cov ComDuring the morning worship service Mike gave a missions presentation to the congregation. He was able to show a ministry video and thank the congregation for being so active in Honduras.

In the evening we returned to Covenant where Madison attended the high school youth group.

Covenant has been an incredibly active supporter of our ministry. They have sent short-term mission teams twice, supported us financially and with prayer. Mike and Ashley Troxell our newest teammates, come from Covenant Community.