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On The Radio

Mike and Erin being interviewed on the radioOn Thursday Mike and Erin went to the KFIA radio studio and recorded two 30-minute interview shows for the Abounding Grace radio program. In both shows we were interviewed at length about Honduras and our ministry there.

KFIA (710 AM) is the number one Christian talk radio station in the region and can be heard in Sacramento, Chico and San Francisco. The Abounding Grace radio show airs original programming each Thursday at 4:30pm and replays three other times during the week. Our two programs will first air December 16th and 23rd.

The two interviews covered in great detail the need in Honduras, our ministry team, the two ministry centers we are building, our financial need and our calling to the mission field. We also covered how the listeners can contact us and be part of our ministry through prayer and financial support.

These two interviews will bring great exposure to our ministry. Pray many people who wish to partner with our ministry hear the programs. We will provide audio links to the two shows in future postings.

A Full Weekend In Paso Robles

This past weekend we spent with some wonderful folks at Covenant Presbyterian Church of Robles, CA. This church has been an early and aggressive supporter of our ministry. They have already been down to Honduras twice and are scheduled to come again.

Mike preaching at Covenant PresbyterianOn Saturday we spent a quiet afternoon with the Hawk family. The Hawks have been so good to us countless times. In the evening the Phillips hosted a dinner for us. We shared our ministry and a great meal with 10 folks. In the evening the Honeycutts invited us into their home to spend the night.

Erin leading the women in a devotionalSunday was a full day. Mike preached at the morning worship service. After service Mike and Erin talked about our ministry to the adult Sunday school class. Following a quiet lunch with the Pastor and his family Erin was invited to the Women’s Christmas celebration where she led 25 ladies in a devotional. In the evening we all attended the High School Youth Group and shared with them about Honduras and possibly joining their church’s short-term mission trip to Honduras next summer.

Our entire time was jam-packed with sweet people, God’s glory and great food.

Preaching At Two Churches In One Day

Mike preaching at Sanctuary Of PraiseOn Sunday we visited two of our supporting churches. Mike was given the privilege of preaching at both services. He preached at one church in the morning and at the second church in the evening.

Sunday morning we visited Sanctuary Of Praise in Vallejo. This church was the first church to agree to support our ministry over three years ago. This is the third time Mike has preached at this church. After service this mostly Filipino congregation hosted a potluck lunch for us. Great people and wonderful food.

Sunday evening we attended Soaring Oaks Presbyterian in Elk Grove. This is our home church and Mike has preached there on several occasions. It is always a joy to share with our own church.

Mike has preached two services in a day before, but this is the first time he has preached at two churches in one day. The preaching plus the 3 ½ hours of driving made for a tiring day.

In Monterey To Visit Friends From Honduras

Erin and Christina walking on the sandMonday and Tuesday we are in the beautiful city of Monterey to visit some friends that are very special to our ministry in Honduras. The Severinghaus family spent four months in Honduras in early 2009 to help our ministry. Bob, Chirstina, Lukas and Noah Severinghaus joined us early in our first year in Honduras and provided a great boast to establishing our ministry.

Pettengills on the coastSince we have been in Honduras the Severinghaus family moved to one of the prettiest places on the planet…Monterey. We are staying in their house for two days. While in Monterey we will take in the beach, a beautiful kids park and the magnificent Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is a time to rekindle friendships with a family have been so supportive of our work in Honduras.

Guest Lecturers In College

Erin at the head of classThis week Erin and Madison went to Carrington College in Stockton where they were invited to be guest lecturers in the Health Care Administration course. They were given the entire two-hour class to share with the 30 students.

Erin and Madison shared what it was like providing health care in a third world setting. They talked about the financial and emotional difficulties and the great rewards received by providing care to those who would otherwise not receive it. Only three of the 30 students had ever traveled outside the U.S. This class opened many of their eyes to a whole new world.

Erin and Madison really enjoyed sharing our ministry in this setting.