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We Want You…For VBS

Our team wants to organize a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the five missionary kids on our team. And, we’ve come to the conclusion that our kids would get more out of the VBS if it wasn’t our team doing it.

So…we want you! We are asking for a friend or church to come to Honduras and put on a small VBS for five missionary kids we want youDecember 19-22, 2011. Would you or your church like an opportunity to serve a bunch of missionaries? Does your church have a knock out youth coordinator you want to loan us? Did your church put on a great VBS this summer and you want to do it again in a third-world setting?

Our kids are ages eight to fifteen. We will provide lodging and meals for the VBS organizers.

If you or your church would like to come to Honduras and put on a VBS for five missionary kids this December please contact Mike via e-mail (mikepettengill@yahoo.com) or US phone (916/273-8776).

First Ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat

On Monday five of the women of Team Honduras began the first ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat here in Honduras. This five-day event is designed to allow these women to pray and study together. It allows the women a chance to get to know each other better, serve each other and to create bonds that will enhance our ministry in Honduras.

Team Honduras Women's RetreatTuesday morning Mike kicked off the retreat with an hour-long talk. He told the women how they were chosen for this ministry because of their dedication to Christ and their commitment to the implementation of God’s will. Mike explained how he as the Team Leader will strive to do everything he can to enable and facilitate their service and ministry.

Throughout the week the women are ministering to each other. Each participant was given a topic in advance and asked to prepare an hour-long discussion. The topics were based off of the personality and strengths of each person. Ashely is talking about Prayer. Kathy is talking about Finding Balance. Shannon is talking about the Will Of God. Erin is talking about Compassion, Mercy And Justice. And, Kate is talking about Loving The Unlovable. Each woman will lead the group in study, prayer and discussion.

For the women of our team this is a time of refreshing and renewing. For five days they are free from family and responsibilities and are given the chance to enjoy each other and the love of God.

Mike In Turkey – Final Thoughts

Mike has been in Izmir, Turkey attending MTW’s LEAD conference. LEAD is a worldwide leadership training for MTW’s mission Team Leaders and national patterns. Mike is now preparing to travel back to Honduras.

In attendance were 14 MTW office staff, 33 national partners and 87 MTW missionary Team Leaders. It was exciting to see 134 leader/servants from around the world serve each other.

Each day we put in nearly 12-hour days. The mornings began with our group spending one-hour in prayer, reading and singing in a myriad of different languages and styles. Dr. Paul Koistra, the Director of MTW, provided daily lectures on the topic of leadership. Dr. Richard Pratt also provided daily lectures of service and grace. Dr. Pratt is the President and Fonder of Third Millennium ministry.

Our afternoons were full with panel discussions and breakout groups. In the panels we received some very challenging input from the nationals we work with. In the breakout sessions we attempted to solve some of the problems we heard about.

While Turkey was a long way for Mike to travel it was very central for many other MTW Team Leaders (Europe, Asia, Africa & Enterprise). However, there is no other way to receive this diverse of an education and insight without a worldwide gathering. It would be impossible to hear this level of input any other way.

The worship and organization were top notch and the teaching will benefit our work in Honduras and the work of other missionaries around the world. It was wonderful for Mike to meet with and learn from missionaries with 30+ years of field experience.

Mike In Turkey – Part 4

All this week Mike is in Izmir, Turkey attending Mission To the World’s worldwide leadership training. Every Team Leader from each MTW mission team in the world will be in attendance. The conference is a time for training, evaluation and study to better prepare MTW’s Team Leaders for their mission work.

Paul KoisterOn Thursday MTW’s Director, Dr. Paul Koistra, blessed the group with two lectures on the biblical context of leadership. Dr. Koistra is challenging this group of worldwide leaders to direct their teams and ministries in a way that demonstrates a passion for the people we serve. True leadership is understanding that God has appointed leaders to administer God’s will because he loves all the servants, not simply the leader.

Richard PrattDr. Richard Pratt, President and Founder of Third Millenniums ministries, is leading regular lectures on serving Christ as our mission. He is explaining how we all need to have passion for Christ in our service. We should serve others well with fervor because it glorifies God.

The 87 Team Leaders broke into our five geographic groups and had regional discussions about our vision. Our group talked about our charge in Latin America. How does this conference impact our work? Will we take serious the results of this conference? Why do we partner with national pastors? Our Latin American Team Leaders discussed some very constructive points.

Mike In Turkey – Part 3

All this week Mike is in Izmir, Turkey attending Mission To the World’s worldwide leadership training. Every Team Leader from each MTW mission team in the world will be in attendance. The conference is a time for training, evaluation and study to better prepare MTW’s Team Leaders for their mission work.

On Wednesday all of the missionaries and national partners divided into eight small groups and were asked to discuss and report on a few questions. We had discussions about very difficult topics – What is MTW doing right? What is MTW doing wrong? How can MTW improve? What has MTW done to benefit your work? These are difficult questions to discuss when your supervisors are around, but, the group came up with constructive input.

EphesusThe entire group took several hours and toured the ruins of Ephesus. Ephesus was an important center for early Christianity. The Apostle Paul lived in Ephesus, working with the congregation and organized missionary activity into the hinterlands. He wrote the letter 1 Corinthians from Ephesus. Later Paul wrote the Epistle to the Ephesians while he was in prison in Rome. Ephesus was one of the seven cities addressed in Revelation (Revelation 2:1–7).

One of our most valuable exercises has been hearing from national partners. They were asked to give insight as to how MTW missionaries were doing in their countries. Through individual reports and panel discussions these nationals, who have experience working with North American missionaries, provided extremely helpful analyses of the work, attitudes and involvement of missionaries working in their countries. Some of their statements were critical and hard to listen to, but very useful guidelines for areas of improvement.