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Washing Heads And Constructing A Path

Calvary Presbyterian Church has concluded their work in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is scheduled to hike the rainforest on Friday and fly out on Saturday.

Wednesday the team started the day by going to La Fe and learning the finer art of washing clothes in the river. The local ladies taught their skills with a bar of soap, a river rock and a dirty pair of pants. Several from Calvary also took some time to wash the hair of some of the kids in the river.

Wednesday afternoon the team went back to the dorms to have lunch with a few homeless kids who are associated with our StreetChild program. After lunch the team did some work around the dorms.

Thursday the team went back to La Fe to continue construction on a concrete walking path up a dirt levee. In the afternoon some of the Calvary team helped to teach an English class to 20 kids from the community.

Calvary is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer. We will not host any short-term teams next week, but the following week we host two teams.

Clinic, Construction And Kids

Calvary Presbyterian Church is working well in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer.

On Monday part of the team helped put on a medical clinic that treated 40 super-poor people. They treated a dog bite, a severely infected finger, started an IV, gave three injections and drained an abscess.

Both Monday and Tuesday the team helped with construction on a walkway up a dirt levee. When La Ceiba gets its 130 in. in annual rainfall this walkway becomes a waterfall and is too slick to use. The team is helping to lesson the slope and reinforce the base so concrete can be poured and a year-round walkway can be built for the community.

Tuesday morning the team put on a Kids Club for 20 kids in La Fe. They put on a Bible skit, sang songs, provided a Bible craft and played games. The entire Kids Club was performed under a shade tree. The kids loved it and were really shown the love and mercy of Christ.

If you want to keep track of Calvary’s great work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.

Calvary From North Carolina Here To Serve

This week we are hosting Calvary Presbyterian Church of Raleigh, NC. Calvary is our 5th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer. This team of 14 missionaries will serve the entire week in La Fe. They will be only the second short-term mission team to serve with The Troxells in La Fe.

On Sunday they attended our team’s Gringo Church as well as Honduran church. They received their orientation and were trained in Darkness to Light, a child abuse prevention program. The team brought lots of personal and ministry gifts to shower on our fulltime mission team. We are so very fortunate.

If you want to keep track of Calvary’s great work in Honduras check back here often or follow our frequent updates on Twitter.

Keeping The Faith

For almost four month Mike and Ashley Troxell have been ministering daily to the community of La Fe (which means The Faith). They are loving on and serving this community with a desire towards starting a church plant there. The Troxells have been hosting weekly Kids Club events and English classes.

They’ve also been hosting special events. Mike has taken boys to watch professional soccer games and played soccer with them. Ashley has taken girls to the beach for a day out and to the river for a beauty day. The Troxells are building relationships with the 100 families that live in this community.

La Fe is one of the poorest communities in all of La Ceiba. They have no flush toilets or running water and most homes have dirt floors and tin roofs. The families of the community have numerous health issues and few resources to address them. The Troxells are providing a great blessing to this community by offering free medical clinics.

Starting Saturday we will begin hosting short-term mission teams and half of them will be serving in La Fe. We pray our efforts in this community demonstrate the mercy of Jesus Christ to these people.

Kids And Clinics And Classes…Oh My

With the pace we are leading these past few days one might think we are trying to do harm to our visiting short-term missionaries from Manor Presbyterian Church of Cochranville, PA. This is simply not true. We just want them to have plenty of chances to serve the people of Honduras.

clinic in La FeMonday began with a medical clinic in the community of La Fe. Erin, the Troxells and the guys from Manor hosted a clinic in a dilapidated home and treated 48 people. This was our second clinic in the community of La Fe and the people were very appreciative.

In the afternoon the guys from Manor joined Mike in Armenia Bonito for English class.

In our weekly ESL class our 25 students reviewed greetings and the alphabet. ESLThe guys from Manor had given us some Spanish/English flashcards. Those came in handy as we reviewed colors, clothes and body parts. At the end of class each of the kids took their oral exam by going over vocabulary and reading a line from the book of John.

Tuesday saw a little rain, but nothing that would slow us down.

In the morning the guys from Manor packin it inworked alongside our Honduran employees at our ministry center in La Isla. They worked on the floors of our soon to be church, kitchen and StreetChild center. Lots of dirt was shoveled, moved and packed to create a solid foundation for the floor.

In the afternoon Erin, Mike and the guys went out to Armenia Bonito for Kids Club.

Over 40 kids attended Kids Club. They played games, did a craft and watched a bible skit. The kids continued in their verse memorization and answered No other God but mecatechism questions. The guys from Manor helped quiz the kids. This was a special day. The kids who had attended 6 of 8 Kids Club classes and had memorized the verses and questions (19 kids in all) received recognition, a certificate, a gift and a plate of food.

It has been a busy few days. We are fortunate to have the guys from Manor helping us.